Josh Duhamel’s refusal to switch off Blackberry

by PYB James | Dec 13, 2010

Actor Josh Duhamel, was allegedly involved in a confrontation with Air Wisconsin flight crew recently because he refused to switch off his Blackberry.

A flight was heading from New York to Kentucky, and on the LaGuardia runway, when 38 year-old Transformers star Duhamel refused to turn off the electronic device as per the request of a member of the flight crew. Furthermore, according to another passenger, he began to argue with the attendant and became extremely rude. He taunted one flight attendant and laughed at another mockingly.

When Duhamel failed to turn his BlackBerry off after being asked 3 times to do so, and continued to text, the aircraft turned around and headed to the back gate. Duhamel was met by two officers who then escorted him off the plane.

Since then Duhamel has personally apologised for the incident and has claimed that he has learned from his mistakes. While attending the Trevor Live benefit at the Hollywood Palladium on Sunday with his wife, Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie, he said “I learned that it’s best to always turn them off, not my favourite moment”.

Duhamel’s representatives had also already released an apology on behalf of the actor, however when speaking out at the benefit gig he has been criticised for not quite saying “sorry”.

Many mobile phone devices have in-flight modes which switch off incoming and outgoing data passages but airlines vary with regard to their policies on whether passengers are allowed to use them. One thing is for sure though, most travellers are glued to their mp3 players, mobile devices and smartphones which make those long haul flights all the more bearable.

Just remember to switch off your handsets when requested to do so.

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