Motorola to expand in the UK

by PYB James | Jan 01, 2011

Mobile phone manufacturer Motorola has initiated plans to dramatically step up both marketing and distribution within the UK.

Motorola recently launched their Defy smart-phone, a unit that is reportedly selling tens of thousands a week internationally, and are to promote the launch of their new unit, the ATRIX on Orange, to be released in Spring/Summer 2011. Motorola will also enter the tablet market dubbed the XOOM.

Tom Satchwell, Marketing Director for Europe, stated “The UK market is critically important to us, with a lot of very experienced consumers and the biggest carriers and retailers – it is a tough play.”

“So we are very pleased to see the Defy is doing so well, and we want to continue that success this year and plan to broaden our distribution footprint. We have a series of product launches planned throughout the year.”

After debuting at the 2011 CES technology show in Las Vegas in January and winning awards for 'Product Of The Show' and 'Smartphone Of The Show' respectively, the XOOM and the ATRIX are primed to become the new desired gadgets in 2011.

Both gadgets sport ultra-fast processing speeds and the latest iteration of the Android operating system, a system that Motorola has been keen to promote and develop alongside Google.

The company had recently pared back its UK operations, as competitors such as Nokia and Apple came into the fore and smart-phones became more ubiquitous.

However, since setting up a separate division named Motorola Mobility to focus exclusively on these releases, the company has re-entered the fore with a comprehensive marketing and business strategy.

Satchwell was also quoted as saying, “there was a period of introspection as the industry changed and consumers’ expectations changed... [but now] it feels like a new, young company.”

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