Msoft to launch patient blood tracking on the iPad

by PYB James | Dec 01, 2010

With an ever growing presence in the workplace, the Apple iPad is fast becoming one of the largest selling consumer electrical products. Having sold 3 million units in the first 80 days since its release in April this year, the iPad is now integrated into the everyday working life of many.

Part of this success in the workplace is the interest that healthcare professionals are now taking in using the iPad as a tool to carry out their daily routines. Even before the iPad had hit the market, some hospitals had made orders for units, and doctors purchased their own to bring into work.  Highly usable, the iPad helps professionals access medical records, store notes and illustrate information to patients.

Msoft, leading healthcare technology specialists, seems keen to develop the use of iPads in hospitals, and have been in discussions with a number of healthcare trusts in regards to the introduction of the iPad as a means to track the supply of blood to patients.

Obliterating more traditional handheld devices that often requires a stylus pen, or a computer on wheels, Msoft claims that this latest innovation will transform current methods of tracking blood supply to patients. Benefits of using the iPad will include maximum speed and efficiency with which hospital staff will be able to accurately deliver the right blood to the right patients.

Matt McAlister, MSoft’s Managing Director, stated “We are the only blood tracking specialist whose technology is fully compatible with the Apple iPad and during recent weeks we have been talking to a number of NHS Trusts about the possibility of introducing iPads on to wards.  As a company, we pride ourselves on constantly innovating and ensuring that our technology perfectly matches the requirements of our clients in the health sector.”

A demonstration of the iPad tracking technology was held last September, at the British Transfusion  Society’s annual conference in Bournemouth.

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