Must have gadgets for the 2015/16 Ski Season

by SiteAdmin1 | Oct 15, 2015


A-bom anti-fog goggles

A-bom is a new company born out of a kickstarter project. The concept behind these new goggles seems like such a simple idea and it’s got the team at PYB wondering why no one has developed it before. These battery powered goggles promise to keep you fog free all day, no matter the conditions. Simply turn them on and the battery sends a current through an invisible heat-conductive film which sits in between a two-part lens keeping the fog at bay without you having to adjust vents or wipe the lens. The 7 hour battery life enables you to go all day without recharging and the stylish variations will keep you looking on point whilst on the mountain. At around £165 these googles are a steal when compared to some of the other brands on the market. They are yet to go on general sale but you can pre-order a pair from their website & they’ll be here for the new season. We expect these to really kick off and become a staple of any ski or boarders arsenal.


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Bear Tek Sport Gloves

Bear Tek’s winter sports gloves are another product that are packed with technology for this ski season. Two bluetooth modules allow you to sync your gloves to your Go-Pro and Smartphone/music player at the same time. Different sensors and buttons built into the fingers allow you to control music, answer calls, start/stop recording video all whilst on the move or having to take your gloves off. The rechargeable battery promises to last for 80 hours so they should do a weeks skiing no problem. The gloves come in a practical but stylish design which will keep you warm as well as in control of all your gadgets this winter. The only downside is the price. At £165, the gloves don’t seem too bad but if you want both Go-Pro and smartphone technology you’re looking at an additional £95. At £260 these gloves are perhaps suited to someone doing a full season rather than a week’s holiday here or there. However if you’ve got the cash they’re definitely one to look at. Imagine never having to take your gloves off for a photo in sub-zero, windy conditions ever again….bliss

Image Source: Bear Tek Image Source: Bear Tek


OnBeep Onyx

The Onyx from OnBeep is a small wearable radio that allows you to communicate with anyone with an onyx as long as you have a Wi-Fi or cellular signal. The simple design has a large push to talk button so you’ll be able to operate it with your gloves on. This may seem like a glorified walkie-talkie but don’t be fooled. With the Onyx app installed you can see where your friends are and invite others with onyx to join in with your conversation. The obvious problem is you often don’t have cellular data when abroad and there certainly isn’t Wi-Fi everywhere on a mountain! However with network carriers introducing affordable data allowances whilst in Europe these could be a great addition this ski season at just £95 for three.

Image Source: OnBeep Onyx Image Source: OnBeep Onyx


Go Pro Hero 4

A Go Pro has been a must in any serious skier/boarders toolbox for a while now so it will come as no surprise that the latest Go-Pro makes our list. There are a few variations of the Go Pro 4 which start at entry level and go right through to Pro models. The prices range from around £250 up to around £400 for a Go Pro 4. At the top level the latest advancements in the cameras technology will provide you with 4K video and the ability to film in super slowmo, whilst also featuring a screen for instant playback. There have been a few copycat cameras in recent years but for us the Go Pro is still arguably the No.1 essential for any serious winter sports enthusiast.

gopro Image Source: Go Pro


Trace Snow app

Not a gadget as such but this is an app you should seriously consider downloading this ski season. Available on both Apple’s App store and google Play for android users, Trace Snow tracks your speed, distance covered, calories burned and air time to name but a few of its features. You can also connect your Go Pro via Wi-Fi which gives you the ability to edit your videos adding speed, airtime and altitude which is pretty cool. The app is free to download but offers in-app purchases & a physical tracker is also available to buy for around £150 to enhance user experience.

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Lily Drone

Due in May 2016 (if you pre-order now) the Lily drone in all probability is going to come too late for this season. However if you can afford it, it’s a must purchase. Lily is a drone like no other, you simply turn it on and through it in the air and the drone will then do the rest. Lily is programmed to fly itself leaving you to concentrate on your activity. Lily has three different settings; follow mode, lead mode or loop mode allowing you to capture all angles of your chosen activity. Filming in 1080p, Lily delivers crisp, high definition video with the ability to film in slow motion and is ideal for those who have a bag of big tricks and want to capture it. The only drawback is the 20 minutes of flight time and the price tag which is currently around £550



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