Best iPhone Photo and Video Accessories

by SiteAdmin1 | Jul 03, 2013

#photography is trending on Twitter today, and it's no surprise it's a hot topic considering that photo art can now be captured at the click of a button almost anywhere thanks to the smart phone.  It has been said that the best camera you can possibly find is one that you have with you at all times to capture a shot. With the iPhone, as well as all other smart phones today this is the case. You have the opportunity to get great picture quality with these cameras wherever you are.  If you are a budding photographer or just appreciate a great photo when you see it, read on to find out what we think are the best photo and video accessories for your smart phone:

Joby Grip tight GorillaPod

This tripod ensures your shaky hands are not going to ruin the perfect photo that you would otherwise have captured. Shaky hands can ruin a photo, with this device you can fix that problem. The clamp system works easily with several smart phones, and folds away to a small size for storage when not in use. A great feature with the product is the ability to manipulate the legs, so you can capture amazing shots, anywhere you choose to use the tripod. It comes in at £25.


Although it is one of the older devices, it is still a favorite for iPhone owners. The fish eye, wide angle, and macro lens is a 3 in one device, that pops out of the phone, for simple use. With fish eye, you can capture about 180 degrees if filming, the wide angle doubles the iPhone's natural capabilities, and with the macro lens, you can get up to 10 times the magnification the phone gets on its own. The Olloclip sells for £69.99.


If you prefer filming, this is the only device that truly allows you to capture quality video. Glidetrack is the world's number 1 camera developer, and is the developer of this app, meaning you can expect nothing short of high quality and excellent features. The device is very sturdy, and the mount allows you to capture all kinds of shots once you start to use it on a regular basis. It is not only compatible with the iPhone, but Android, and other hand held devices as well, making the mobislyder one of the most popular apps for those who shoot video. You can purchase the app for £75.

Rotolight OWLE

When recording lighting is probably the most important of all aspects. Many individuals taking photos or video forget this, and it generally results in poor quality and low visibility with the shots that follow. The OWLE kit, for iPhone 4 and 4s gives you a major advantage in this realm. The award winning RL48-B HD LED light allows you to create the ideal soft light, as you have a range of lighting features to choose from. The custom 37 mm wide lens , recorder, and tripod, makes it the most versatile tool, and high end product you can find on the market for your phone today. A model should be available for the iPhone 5 model, but news has not yet been released. The price tag for this product however is £215.99, so it may be one for the more serious photographers among us all.

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