Protect Your Bubble's Guide to the best medical and health Apps of 2016

by Matt Tempest | Nov 02, 2016

The rapid developments and improvements made in the technology industry over the last 30 years have all been made with the goal of making life easier. Thanks to computers we can now talk to family and friends on the other side of the world for free or buy something before noon and have it that delivered the same evening. Equally impressive is the developments made in the airline industry which made budget airlines possible and if you shop around you can be anywhere in Europe for under £50.

However a recent survey conducted by Protect Your Bubble shows that more and more people are showing signs of stress and when you stop to think about it, it’s easy to see why. Smartphones & cheap air travel make life easier sure but they also give you the ability to do more in a day which has led to increased working hours and more stress. This is just the tip of the iceberg but not the purpose of this blog. The same survey found that health & fitness apps are growing in popularity by the minute. Whilst health apps may not be for everyone & our very own director recently commented why he was sceptical about giving all his personal data to a faceless app there are undoubtedly some great apps out there to make life easier. Below is a list of our favourite health and medical apps this 2016;


Red Cross First Aid App – Unfortunately, wherever you are whether it’s at work or at home accidents happen! The Red Cross’ official First Aid app provides step-by-step instructions & video demonstrations to help you deal with a whole host of problems such as cuts, broken bones and more serious issues. There’s also a handy section with advice for what to do if you get caught up in a natural disaster. Particularly handy if you’re heading somewhere that is at risk to flash floods and monsoons.



HeadSpace App – The Headspace app is brilliant if you’re looking to just chill out for a little bit and find some Zen. The app is laid out into different categories which allows you to easily find the right techniques and focus for whatever mood you have arrived in. The app has different stages and the more experienced you get with your meditation the deeper into the app you go. The only downfall is the price, whilst the app is free to download it features some hefty in app purchases if you want to take it further.


Strava – Strava is the one stop shop for those who like to keep fit. The app allows you to track your run, cycle or swim as well as providing you with average and top speed, distance travelled and calories burnt. The app also has an element of competition as you’ll be able to see how you compare to local people in your area. In cycling particularly professional and amateur athletes alike strive to become king of the hills. (The fastest person up a specific hill) Add your friends to see their latest routes and see if you can beat them!

strava image


PEAR personal coach app – This app is ideal whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds, improve your cardio or put on some muscle. Featuring running, HIIT, strength, spin and yoga workouts from a range of easy to hard the app is ideal for all abilities. Further features include interactive training and tips from world and Olympic athletes. The app is free for the first 30 days but then will cost $3.99 monthly. Ideal for those who can’t afford a personal trainer but are in need of mixing up their routine.


Pocket Yoga – This app does exactly what it says on the tin and features over 200 poses which rise from beginner to expert. Each pose features a difficulty level, explanation on how to execute and what the health benefits are for that particular pose. Ideal for those who want to experiment with yoga for the first time or find it hard to get to classes.


MINDBODY – The Mindbody app allows you to search for a wide variety of exercise classes such as Yoga, spinning & boot camps near you. However that’s not all, the Mindbody app allows you to go one step further and actually book your class through the app as well as providing pricing information and class schedules. You can also sync your fitness tracker with the app so you can see how you are preforming in your classes.



We’d like to get your opinion on health apps! Please drop us a reply on Facebook or a direct message on Twitter letting us know your thoughts on health apps or which ones you use.

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