Protect your iPhone 4 from accidental damage

by PYB James | Oct 01, 2010

There’s one true fact in life that few will dispute – and that is that there’s no sure-fire way to protect your iPhone 4 from accidental damage.  That’s really why iPhone insurance exists!

Blink and it’s gone.

Sometimes we all use glowing language to describe the Iphone 4’s external footprint characteristics but some of them can be summarised easily by saying:

  • it’s small;
  • it’s light;
  • it’s potentially slippery!

Add to that the fact that it’s an electronic device made of plastic and metal and you’ve got a real recipe for potential problems.

No, that’s not technology problems! This is the far more mundane stuff that we’ve all had to live with since the first electronic gadgets arrived back in the 1980s – in other words, they’re easily broken.

A moment’s misfortune or lack of attention on your part (or someone else’s) and your iPhone may be history.

Trying to protect it.

Yes, there are some good commonsense steps you can take.  For example:

  • you can purchase ‘ruggedised’ carrying cases that will withstand impacts – some may offer a degree of liquid protection also;
  • just being careful and not leaving it laying around on chairs or table edges will help;
  • you can purchase accessories that will secure it to your belt by a form of lanyard that means if you do drop it, it won’t actually get to the floor.

However, whatever you do, you can’t guarantee that you’ll avoid its accidental destruction.  That’s where iPhone insurance comes into the reckoning.

Gadget and iPhone cover.

It’s possible to take out insurance for an iPhone that means typically that the insurer will meet the costs of replacement if your iphone is accidentally destroyed.  In fact, some policies may even guarantee 48-hour replacement of the iPhone once your claim has been approved.

Of course, the accident has to be a genuine accident. For example, your insurance typically won’t cover you if you wreck your iPhone while trying to modify it or fit accessories etc.

Yet it may prove an important ally given that life isn’t predictable and nobody has yet managed to produce a guaranteed indestructible iPhone.

Your iPhone 4 insurance may end up being one of your more useful ‘accessories’!

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