Some of the Best protective iPad Mini Accessories Available in the Market

by SiteAdmin1 | Jul 07, 2013

Your iPad Mini is an expensive piece of tech, and it needs some looking after to ensure you get the most from the device. As well as investing in Gadget Insurance for your iPad Mini, there are a number of protective accessories that you can invest in to help protect it, especially if you are the clumsy type. With so many accessories available to you, we have reviewed some of the best below:


For anyone who likes typing emails or documents on a tablet, Belkin has introduced a portable keyboard. This portable keyboard case combines a folio and removable keyboard to keep your iPad Mini protected at all times as well as serving the above purpose. The keyboard can be easily folded into the case when it is not being used and a mini USB cable lets you charge the keypad, which can be connected to the iPad mini via Bluetooth. It also has a space for your camera lens so you are not restricted in taking photos when on the move. Belkin's portable keyboard case costs £69.99 and is available at

A tough case is excellent for people who are prone to being a little on the clumsy side, even if you have the recommended Gadget Insurance.  Case-Mate's Tough Extreme can be an excellent choice in this instance. This case has a hard skeletal structure with a soft exterior. Tough Extreme also has shock-absorbing qualities because of the DuoFlex interior and a built-in screen protector keeps your tablet safe against wind, rain, dust, sand and vibration. It comes in many different colours including emerald, chartreuse, orange, green and pink, so that you can inject some colour into your iPad Mini as well as help keep it safe.  This case costs £65.00 available at

However, If your budget is slightly smaller then Case-Mate's Tuxedo is an ultra sleek and slim portfolio-style case available at £35.00. It has multiple viewing angles and a built-in reusable adhesive, which keeps your tablet secure. An ultra soft microfibre is also present in the interior.

Giving you another choice, Passport is an excellent creation by Griffin and comes in one-piece folio design. You can easily open it like a book to access the screen. The soft microsuede interior of this case helps to keep your device protected. It costs £19.99 and like the Case-Mate, It is available in many different colours including dark red, black and blue. Again a porthole for the camera lens allows you to click pictures on-the-go. You can pick up this case at

If you want to go for a class leather look, QDOS Libris folio cases are excellent and available in black and red. A soft luxury suede lining and leather finish enhance the aesthetic appeal of your device if you are after a more sophisticated look. The case also has a built-in stand in a folding design and is available for £34.99  from

If cases aren’t really your thing then there is always the option of an invisible SHIELD screen protector, available at around £22.95.  More information on the invisible SHEILD screen can be found at:

Remember; whilst these accessories can help keep your iPad Mini in the best possible condition, it is also important to ensure you have the right Gadget Insurance for your device. To find out more about iPad Mini insurance and to gain a quote in seconds visit


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