State secrets and laptop insurance

by PYB James | Dec 01, 2010

Laptop insurance may have a very direct relationship to how secure the data on our PC really is.

Laptop Confidentiality Vs Security

People sometimes confuse data security with keeping things secret.

Of course, sometimes data on a laptop is highly confidential and needs to be kept secure in the sense that only authorised parties can see it.

That’s an entirely different subject – and an interesting example of how not to do it is contained in a recent story where top-secret military information was found on the hard disk of a second-hand laptop that had been purchased for scrap*. It makes amusing and slightly frightening reading!

More relevant to the question of laptops and laptop cover insurance is data security in the sense of how you can protect data so that if it was ever accidentally destroyed, it could be rapidly restored.

Laptop Backup storage

Not too many of us are asked to carry around vastly secret or sensitive information.

Of more concern to us is what we’d do if things such as our painstakingly constructed contact and address lists were accidentally destroyed. Some of this type of data may be, quite literally, irreplaceable.

Some providers of laptop insurance may offer part of the solution for laptops (or mobile phones etc). Included in the price they may offer up to 3GB of storage on their system so that you can back up your really critical data.

Then, if the worst happens to your laptop, you can simply restore your lists and data back onto the replacement laptop once it arrives.

Laptop Insurance Solutions

This means that your laptop cover may provide you with just that little bit of extra peace of mind so far as your data is concerned. That’s to say nothing of the peace of mind from knowing that you’re financially protected against the worst affects of the theft or accidental destruction of your laptop.

So, as Christmas and the holiday season is a traditional time for a little bit of reflection, why not think about laptop insurance cover?


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