Symantec Unveils new Security Measures for iPhone

by PYB James | Jun 01, 2010

The Symantec Corporation, the world’s largest producer of computer security software, has announced a new initiative named Norton Everywhere, which is designed to broaden the company’s security and anti malware technology to protect iPhones and other smartphones.

The first product to be unveiled consisted of a beta version of its security software for Apple’s best selling mobile handset, Google’s Android phones.

Symantec has partnered up with smartphone manufacturer HTC, and is drawing on its experience in making consumer security software to work on Norton Everywhere, which is aimed at businesses and domestic users.

Although it is possible to take out iPhone insurance to repair breakages or replace the handset if is broken or stolen, there was no way to retrieve data from it if it goes missing. Norton Connect will allow iPhone users to access files that they have archived using Norton 360 or Norton Online Backup. It will also allow the user to remotely lock the phone if it is taken to stop thieves running up a bill, which prevents anybody from seeing any private information on your phone and will also let you remotely wipe any sensitive data. If the SIM card is removed, the software will lock the device and prevent any other SIM card from working with it.

The software will allow iPad owners similar access to backed up files, and users of other smartphones can also benefit.

Users will soon be able to download the security software from the iPhone App Store or the Android Market.

The company has also beefed up its other security software for smartphones. Norton DNS is designed to protect consumers from spyware, phishing sites and other malicious code by directing all traffic through its own DNS (Domain Name System) servers, and verifying every URL that the user chooses to access. The user or an administrator can add the service to individual devices by installing an application to the phone or modifying the DNS settings on their router.

Symantec is also branching out into security for other media devices that connect to the internet, such as televisions, Blu ray player, home security systems, media streamers, digital cameras and even picture frames, all of which are a target for thieves.

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