Tell Protect Your Bubble what #CyclingIs to you

by Corinne Webb | Nov 22, 2016

To a lot of people cycling is much more than just a mode of transport, granted it’s a great mode of transport being economical and environmentally friendly but its more: it’s exercise with many health benefit and can even form part of injury recovery and rehabilitation. It’s a social getaway from the grinds of everyday life but also solidarity and head-space. It can be the thrill of the downhill or the race straight, club camaraderie, freedom and escape; some may say it’s a way of life.

Protect Your Bubble took to the streets of Cardiff to find out what #CyclingIs to our bike insurance brand ambassador Geraint Thomas. Watch this video to find out what Geraint had to say



Today is national #GoForARideDay  and we’d like to know what #CyclingIs to you, get involved and tell us using the hashtag on Facebook and Twitter

National #GoForARideDay isn’t just about cycling it’s about any mode of transport but the reason for celebrating this day will ring true with most cyclists. It’s about going out into the world taking sometime to just get away from it all and feel free, the Days of The Year Website says “celebrate the free spirit of the day” You can find out more about national Go For A Ride Day HERE

So go on, go for a ride and think about what #CyclingIs to you and why not tell us all about it, you may even get a cheeky re-tweet or mention.

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