The iPad and iPad insurance

by PYB James | Dec 01, 2010

As we reach the end of the year, it’s incredible to see that the iPad continues to generate lots of speculation and discussion in the press.  It’s also clear to see how little of this relates to iPad insurance.

OK, perhaps that is understandable.  People want to talk about the iPad’s technical capabilities and its role as a fashion icon – not too many want to discuss the in-depth implications of iPad insurance cover. Yet although the iPad is still a relatively new gadget, already people are discovering that they are easily broken if you’re unlucky and that thieves like them even more than their owners do.

Take a recent shocking case in the USA from not long after the iPad was actually released.  An owner had his ripped out of his hand by a snatch-thief who also ripped off his finger in the process*. Of course, such events that also involve violence are, thankfully, rare. However it is clear that your iPad is not only expensive – it’s also not entirely safe.

At the time you selected it, you may have thought long and hard about whether or not it or, say, a notebook was the right decision in terms of a purchase. However, you may not have put as much thought into the subject of iPad insurance. That might prove to be a bit of a problem if ever you’re unlucky and find that your iPad has been stolen or accidentally destroyed.  They’re not cheap gadgets and without insurance, you may suffer something of a blow to your finances when replacing it (or you may have to decide to do without it altogether).

The conclusion might be that while eagerly awaiting Apple’s latest announcements or news of the new iPad accessories, it might be worthwhile keeping an eye on that iPad and thinking about its security – and that might mean sparing a thought for iPad insurance.


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