The Squires Snaplock and fixing the age old problem of keeping your bike safe whilst you’re out and about

by Matt Tempest | Nov 02, 2016

The Snaplock

The Snaplock from Squires takes a massive step in the right direction towards fixing a problem all keen cyclists have. The better your bike, the better your lock needs to be to keep it safe and also keep your insurance validated. The problem here is that generally the better the lock the bigger and more cumbersome it tends to be. Why have a super light carbon fibre bike if you have to lug around 10 kilos worth of locks I hear you cry! Squires have set about trying to fix that problem.

The Snaplock weighs in at a very reasonable 969g and is small enough to be carried in a bag, on your bike or even in your jersey back pocket. The unusually shaped lock is made of 12mm diameter hardened steel with a tapered parabolic shape and comes with a sold secure silver rating. Thanks to its unique shape, the lock is a super tight fit when attaching to a railing, wall anchor or bike rack which makes attacking it with traditional tools all but impossible. The lock covers as much area as a standard D-lock so it’s worth investing in a cable to feed through your wheels if you are planning on leaving your bike for a long period of time but if you just need to leave your bike for a very short period of time the Snaplock provides the perfect security and peace of mind whilst your out and about.

Squire Snaplok



Squires D-Locks:

Squire's D locks are ideal for those who are looking to secure their bikes whilst they are at home. The Hammerhead & Eiger range both offer sold secure gold status which is the highest security status awarded for bike locks. If you aren’t aware of Sold Secure they are a company run by the Master Locksmiths Association which is a non-profit organisation who are dedicated to reducing the risk of crime &and bicycle theft by the assessment of security products. The company works closely with manufactures, the police and insurance companies to understand modern techniques which are used by criminals in local areas.

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