The ultimate guide to keeping your gadgets safe this festival season

by Matt Tempest | May 18, 2016

Plan your outfit

Group of friends at a festival

Taking time to pick a strong festival outfit in the weeks that lead up to your festival of choice is always a must. However when considering your outfit its worth thinking about your valuables safety too. You don’t need to compromise your look at all however it’s worth considering items with zipped or deep pockets. Zipped pockets provide that extra layer of security making it that little bit harder for would be thieves or for your beloved smartphone to fall out of your pocket as you get carried away with the crowd after a big set.

Take advantage of festival lockers and festival lock ups

Its well worth taking advantage of festival lock ups. These are dotted round the camp site and tend to be open 24 hours a day. (Check with your festival)  You can leave any item big or small with total piece of mind. They are essentially big cloakrooms, similar to that of a bar or club. At Glastonbury the staff even hand out free toilet roll to those in need!

Festival lockers are another great option. They may seem like an added expense you simply don’t need but if there is a group of you it really is a no brainer and many argue it’s worth it for the phone charger which features in them at the majority of festivals. The ability to store items like your passport, car keys, contact lenses and return travel tickets really is invaluable and shouldn’t be scoffed at.

Don’t leave your valuables unattended or padlock your tent

This one might seem obvious but it’s frightening how many people have their phones, car keys, wallets, passports and cameras stolen as a result of leaving them. Leaving your valuables in a tent is just asking for trouble and it could invalidate your insurance.

Padlocking your tent might seem like a great idea and give you an added layer of security however it can actually often prove to be the worst thing you can do. Padlocking your tent screams that it has something valuable inside and is going to make any thief not only break in but probably ruin your tent in the process.

If you are going to carry your belongings, it’s worth sleeping with them at the bottom of your sleeping bag. Thieves at festivals are crafty & bold and will try to rob you as you sleep. Putting them at the bottom of your bag ensures that even if you’re out for the count a thief is going to have a hard time moving your body to get to your valuables.

Invest in a good case

A good case can make all the difference to you breaking or losing your phone. When looking for a case try to get one that has flaps that cover the charging port and headphone jack, that way if you drop your phone in the mud it’s not going to break the charger or headphone jack. (I’ve broken 2 phones this way)

Another good option to look at is a bungee key fob. These are available on amazon for under £10 and attach to most smartphones. The cord attaches to your smartphone and then you can clip it to your belt, pocket or inside of you bag making it that much harder for a thief to nab or for it to fall out of your pocket accidently.

Get a festival phone

Whilst we completely understand why you’d want your smartphone with you so you can upload pics, take Snapchats and even check the football scores it’s worth seriously considering leaving your smartphone at home.

Use an old phone from the drawer or pick up a cheap phones for next to nothing and liberate yourself from the stress of looking after your number one personal item. Plus going a weekend with social media can be extremely liberating. If you’re worried about not having any photos go old school and get a few disposal cameras. You’ll have great fun getting them developed and be able to relieve all the memories (perhaps forgotten memories) when you get home!

Report anything stolen to the police right away

If the worst does happen and you do find that your valuables have been stolen, report it to the police immediately and get a crime number. This represents your best chance of getting the items back and if you have insurance a crime number is required as part of the claims process.

Lastly……Take out insurance!

If you’ve got a particularly active summer this year or heading to a festival it’s well worth taking out insurance. We offer insurance for gadgets and mobile phones. Insurance covers you from theft, loss, accidental damage and cracked screens.

You can check out our Gadget Insurance policies here

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