Top 10 iPhone Tweeters

by PYB James | Aug 01, 2010

Tweet Tweet! Calling all iPhone addicts: Need to extend your twitter following? Sure we all follow our friends and favourite celebrities, but did you know you could learn a few things on Twitter as well?

Well we’ve got just the thing to help!

We’ve searched the Twittersphere and handpicked the top 10 iPhone Twitterers actively engaging with users online.

1. @Matt is from Edinburgh and is a freelance iPad, iPhone and MAC OS developer. He frequently talks about iPhones in his posts and has 5000+ followers but only follows 157 users. He actively engages with twitter users through regular updates.

2. @MuscleNerd is an LA based self proclaimed ‘iPhone hacker’. He has his own blog at and is extremely twitter active.

3. @AppBoy is apparently from ‘cyberspace’ and really engages with readers, offering a great guide for iPhone users on various apps and functions.

4. @Clatko is interested in all things technology, specifically when it comes to Apple and the iPhone. His website is  and he has a contact page where he is more then happy to communicate with users. He is very engaging and has over 200,000 followers. Many updates on the iPhone 4.

5. @Joehewitt is a software developer based in California with 20,000 + followers.  He has already got the iPhone4 and shares his views on it with readers and offers information and advice.

6. @Sophiestication = Sophie, a user interface sorceress living in Germany. She creates articles and tips on the iPhone for her readers. She has 7,000 followers.

7. @Krapps is a slightly different take on iPhones from the norm. They aim to entertain their users by providing whacky and weird iPhone apps. Over 13,000 followers.

8. @Flyosity designs and builds software and is a developer of digital post for the iPad. Offers interesting insight into the iPhone.

9. @SebastienPage is the founder of the iPhone Download blog and admits to being a serial tweeter! What better source to get your iPhone information from. He has over  37,000 followers.

10. @MacTweeter is an Irish tweeter who provides his readers with the latest Apple news from the most reliable sources. It’s no wonder he has more then 126,000 followers!

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