Vertu launch the new luxury smart phone

by PYB James | Dec 12, 2010

Vertu Constellation Quest, a new luxury mobile phone, is the latest mobile phone to be launched by Vertu – a luxury mobile phone manufacturer. The launch held at Lancaster House in London’s West End, marks Vertu’s input into the highly lucrative smartphone market.

Taking three years to bring to market, the Vertu Constellation Quest combines both the latest business tools, with luxury services. With Vertu mobile phones starting from £5,000, the most ‘bling’ of these models boasts a gold and sapphire screen, bearings made from rubies and fine leather, costing an enormous £17,300. All phones include Wi-fi, Ovi Maps, a 3.5mm headphone jack, quad band GSM, WCDMA and dual LED flash.

The Constellation Quest home screen allows the customer to choose their own display items such as email notifications, calendar appointments and selected news feeds in order to enable minimal “clutter” and the Vertu signature clock automatically adjusts to users’ locations.

Moreover, one of the Constellations Quest’s rather unique features enables users to access various lifestyle assistance options, including “concierge service”. Accessible through the “concierge key” on the side of the mobile phone, the service will put the user through to a team of lifestyle managers who will book services such as luxury travel, gourmet dining and accommodation 24 hours a day. This service is only available free for a year though.

"Over the years we have mastered the use of fantastic materials, but now we are incorporating that with cutting-edge technology.” said Hutch Hutchinson, head of concept creation and design at Vertu, who claims the luxury phone to be their most innovative yet.

Vertu are a London based mobile phone manufacturer, a subsidiary of Nokia, and were the first to enter the high end mobile phone market in 2002. With over 700 boutiques worldwide, Vertu have a large global presence, especially in South East Asia.

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