Vodafone Onenet user total reaches 10,000

by PYB James | Jan 25, 2011

British-based telecommunications provider Vodafone has reported that its Onenet service has reached 10,000 users spread over 1,000 business contracts in the UK alone.

The service, which streamlines business landlines and employee's mobiles to make them far more accessible, was launched in 2009. The company aims to spend £1.5 million in Feburary 2011 on marketing and advertisement for the product, to increase its sales both at home and abroad.

At a corporate event in Warwick, the company expressed a desire to expand their business contracts. In Spain and Portugal Vodafone have gained 50,000 new Onenet users every month.

Several small changes have been announced to the package to increase its sales reach. These include an increase of individual users within a package to 130 from around 30, and the ability for customers to have one account for several geographical business locations.

Vodafone is noted for its innovative approach to products specifically targeted to different types of customer, including Vodafone 360 in 2009, a mobile internet service, and the Vodafone 150, a basic mobile unit costing less than £10 and aimed at developing countries such as India, Turkey and several African countries.

The Onenet product has only been widely available in the UK in the last six months. The forthcoming marketing drive announced to 140 Vodafone dealers at the Warwick event should see increased sales for the company.

Vodafone is already listed as the third largest company on the London Stock Exchange, with a market capitalisation of around £92 billion in November 2010.

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