Will iPhone insurance make you happy?

by PYB James | Dec 01, 2010

If you’re wondering what iPhone insurance may have to do with happiness, then read on!

News has come of an extraordinary survey conducted by Harvard University in the USA*. A team of scientists distributed an app to iPhones that meant participants in the survey were contacted at random and essentially asked two questions:

  • what they were actually doing (selected from a list of options);
  • whether they had been thinking about it at the time they were doing it

Now this may strike you as an absurd exercise in futility and a complete waste of research funds - but it had a serious intention.

Through people’s iPhones, the researchers were trying to find out just how much of each day we spend ‘daydreaming’.

The result they came up with is that apparently we spend on average about half of our waking hours not really thinking about what we’re doing.

The survey also indicated that people, that are easily distracted away from the task in hand, also tend to be unhappier than those that are not.

Interesting stuff, though quite what it tells us is unclear, but discussions about happiness being related to focus have a link into iPhones themselves.

We’re approaching Christmas.  It’s a time of year when presents are handed out and when many of us start living a little via parties and social events.

What that may mean is that you may:

  • get an iPhone as a gift (or treat yourself to one);
  • take one you already have out and about a lot more than usual.

It might pay to concentrate for a second and think about how vulnerable your iPhone is and how useful iPhone insurance just may prove to be if something goes wrong. It’s also worth remembering that other gadgets you may have, such as your laptop , may be equally vulnerable.

So, if you want to feel a little more secure and therefore, a little happier, taking steps to find out more about iPhone insurance might be useful. Do it now before you get distracted.




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