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by SiteAdmin1 | Jun 24, 2013

Not even a year old and Microsoft is releasing an update to Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 Blue. Since the OS works on tablets and PC’s, the new system is turning heads with a new concept – the ‘Convertible.’ Windows 8 was not without its share of critics originally, and most were because of the steep learning curve necessary for the completely different way the OS works. Once the new features are tried and the Touch Enabled devices become more standard, the OS will catch on with naysayers.

Much like the XP codename ‘Longhorn’, 8.1 has the code name ‘Blue’ from early reports. Expect the OS to be free for those who have 8 currently. This is what they can possibly expect from the upgrade.

Top Ten Features of the Windows 8 Operating System

As a specialist insurer of laptops, gadgets and mobile phones, we at Protect your bubble naturally take an interest in the latest trends and cool new features on consumer electronics. Below we list 10 unique features of the Windows 8 in comparison to previous versions.

Windows 8

1 – Start Button

The start button is as ubiquitous as a belly button, and many found Windows 8 difficult to use because of the lack of the start button. The new upgrade will have this button and no doubt delight those who miss it. Don’t expect it to work like the original start button, but at least there is a start button.

2 – Stock Apps

The app has changed computing, and Windows 8 uses apps. Expect more in the Application Store from Windows, and Microsoft will add more apps to the upgrade while making it easier to add apps in the future. Calculator, Weather, Video, Text Editor, Sharing and maybe more games too.

3 – Boot to Desktop

Touch screen PC’s are slow to catch on for many. Blue will let users boot to the desktop for a more traditional Windows experience.

4 – Enhanced SkyDrive Integration

Cloud storage today is as important as a hard drive. Microsoft’s SkyDrive storage means better security and storage on cloud protects files from hard disk catastrophes. The evolution of the Internet makes storage off-site easier, safer and quicker than ever. Blue would offer a better integration of SkyDrive for simplier storage. Storage may default to SkyDrive as well, meaning there is no need to choose it each time.

5 – Apps Search

Blue will allow for searching with the name of the app at the Start Screen. Results appear in the side window with all pinned apps. Neat, huh?

6 – Internet Explorer 11

Stop that smirking; we are serious. Really. Fine. After failure after failure against Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft may have a chance with IE 11. Better syncing options and linked to a Windows 8 phone, chances are you can see favorites from either device on either device. WebGL is still up for grabs, however. If you don’t quit smiking, so help me…

7 – Windows Phone Integration

Moving beyond the IE thing, the Windows mobile OS works well. So well in fact, it has brought users from iOS, Android and Blackberry. Better integration from desktops/convertibles would be ideal and much easier with Blue. Are you still smirking over the IE thing?

8 – Deal with tiles

Live tiles are the newest thing in Windows 8, and changing sizes are not possible currently. Blue may change that fact with sorting, most recent, most used and the like for much faster app access.

9 – Start Screen Colour Options

The Start Screen colour existing list was forced on users. The upgrade could mean any colour or graphic for the start screen. This means the Windows 8 computer is yours and yours alone.

10 – Split Screen 50-50

Those who live for productivity, this is the way to go. Unfortunately, it is not possible in Windows 8 currently to split 50/50. The current ratio of 70/30 is not enough for small displays or very useful for that matter. The 50/50 ratio will allow for simultaneous tasks.

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