Windows Mobile Verses Android Smartphones

by SiteAdmin1 | Feb 23, 2012

If you are about to purchase a smartphone you will soon be faced with an important question followed by a choice; this is selecting the operating system of your new phone. While Apple iPhone's are all available with the default iOS there are several companies of phone devices offering Windows and Android as the operating system as the other choices. Now there is the all-important choice of the better and more useful one of the two. There cannot be a perfect answer in the choice of one against the other. However users will also have different requirements from their phones and based on that an appropriate choice can be made. You will be able to make a perfect choice only when you know the nature of applications you are most likely to use.

There is an international popularity for the Android operating system. Within a short span of time this operating system has met with huge success owing to the availability of one of the largest pools of applications. Android phones are available in various versions. Thus you can have a very expensive android phone and less expensive version as well.  Moreover Android phones come with the advantage of highly customizable features. Manufacturers use their versions of apps and include these in various devices. The operation controls and buttons of the phones are easy to handle; you will have a wide collection of wallpapers and themes that can be accessed from your phone. The only disadvantage that users have met in this operating system is the large variations of user interfaces available with different devices. This variation is created by the different versions that have been put to use by manufacturers.

Windows 7 is an operating system available from Microsoft and is a deviation from the focus of applications. There is more emphasis on the incorporation of features here in the designs of Windows 7 phones. There are central locations of applications available in this OS in the same way it is available and accessed on your desktop computer with Internet Explorer and Windows Office. You can have access to a user interface which is different and far more accessible than other ranges of phones. Gaming applications like Xbox Live is also included in different folders under gaming applications. There are larger tiles on the Home Screen that act as the shortcuts to the main applications. It makes for easy view and access. There is a greater convenience available with search and navigation buttons like back and Start options. It makes access of features easy even when you are on the move.

Gadget Insurance

With several gadgets available in stores now people are becoming aware of the need to safeguard the devices as well. They often meet with accidental loss, thefts and even damages that are caused to the devices owing to accidents. To protect their heavy expenditures and investments in these devices users are finding it viable to invest in mobile phone insurance schemes offered by some of the leading companies.

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