Your iPhone insurance – prices vary hugely

by PYB James | Dec 01, 2010

Like many, you’re perhaps really into iPhone’s as a business or social tool (or maybe both).  You may even think about it a lot – but iPhone insurance probably an awful lot less. That’s a pity because that tendency may be costing you a lot of money.

A recent survey* has shown that if you take out insurance for your iPhone through the retailer or service provider, you could be paying two or three times more than if you get your insurance through gadget insurance providers on the internet. That could amount to some serious money and the same thing typically applies to other gadgets such as iPads and laptops etc.

Even if you don’t find iPhone insurance to be terribly interesting, you probably do have a lot of interest in saving money. That’s why this subject is one worth thinking about. There may be little point in spending hours agonising over whether or not to purchase an App or two when far larger sums are departing from your bank account each month to pay for insurance that you may be able to source far more cost-effectively.

Of course, if you don’t have any such cover at all, then that’s something else that may be worth thinking about seriously. At this festive time of year, the parties start multiplying in number, which means even more risk that your precious iPhone could be stolen, lost or broken etc. Seeing the New Year in by writing out large cheques to buy another one (or handing over plastic to do likewise) perhaps won’t get 2011 off to quite the start you’d hoped for.

The subject of iPhone insurance is just never going to be as attractive as discussing the latest Apps or gadgets, but knuckling down and reviewing how much you’re paying (or how much you’re risking if you don’t have any) might be a useful way to spend a few minutes.


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