5 must have apps to get you through the Summer

by Matt Tempest | Apr 27, 2017
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Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference App (£0.99)

The Wolfram sun exposer app is a must have this summer. This personalised app provides you with useful information such as sunset & sunrise, sung strength based on your location, sun position and UV forecast. The most impressive feature however is its ability to tell you how quickly you are likely to burn based on personal information such as your skin complexion. The handy app will also make recommendations into which sun cream SPF factor you’ll need for to insure you enjoy your holiday/day at the beach/BBQ sunburn free!


GrillTime (£1.99)

Grilltime is your perfect companion if you want to end the summer season with the title King of the BBQ amongst your friends. When BBQ-ing it can be quite easy to lose track of time and how long various things have been on the BBQ. Even cooking steak for 4 people can be a nightmare if everyone likes it done differently. Grilltime comes with different timer recommendations enabling you to nail perfect grilled food week in week out. Simply select the timer which applies to your meats and the app will alert you when they done! Bonus feature includes cooking suggestions and tips for getting the most out of your BBQ.


Field Trip (Free)

Whilst this app has been around for a while it’s still relatively unknown. From Niantic the creators of Pokémon Go this google project is the app you never knew you wanted till now. Field Trip runs in the background and you tell it about your interests, and it will then prioritise suggestions based on your interests and current location. You can also search for things if you are looking for something specific such as a surf camp or hiking trails. The app covers everything from local history to the latest and best places to shop, eat, and have fun allowing you to explore a new area like a local!


PackPoint (Free)

Packpoint is a great little app for anyone who’s planning a vacation this summer! Simply tell the app what kind of trip you are taking (hiking, skiing, working, travelling with a baby etc.) and the app will make a suggested list for you meaning you’ll never forget that beach towel ever again! The list can be fully customisable if there are things on there you simply don’t need.


Wild Edibles forage (£5.99)

Whilst in no way shape or form do we recommend going out foraging for wild fruit, fungi or vegetables without some knowledge in the field if you are going foraging this app is a must! With over 250 different plant types you can plan your forage before you go. The app will tell you when things are in season, where to find them and most importantly has pictures of what they should look like and what you should be wary of! Similarly if you’re just out and about you can use the app to instantly identify something you aren’t sure on. At £5.99 the app isn’t the cheapest but there is a free version you can try before you buy.