Students: Top 10 Tips for Keeping Your Technology Safe At University

by Corinne Webb and Rob Duke | Aug 07, 2018
students on computers

Students today have enough financial worries without having to replace lost or stolen gadgets. Here are our expert tips for protecting your technology while you’re away studying.
1. Mark it. Buy a UV pen to mark your gadgets - it can't be seen by the naked eye and, if stolen, it helps police find the rightful owner. Plus, you get to feel like a spy when you use it. Bonus.

2. Register it. Register your valuables on, a free UK national property register. This can help police trace your property if it is stolen - and hopefully return it to you. 

3. Lock it. Many smartphones offer fingerprint, retina or Face-ID. If yours doesn’t boast biometric tech, you can at least set up a passcode. Although it won’t make your handset impenetrable, it does add an extra layer of protection, and may buy you extra time to block your phone with your network before a thief can make unauthorised calls.

If you do set up a passcode, make sure to also give your screen a clean occasionally - your fingerprint smudges can leave a trail which make it easier for a thief to guess. Crafty blighters.

4. Clever apps. The ‘Find My iPhone’ and ‘Android Device Manager’ apps on your handset allow you to remotely erase your personal data if it falls into the wrong hands, and track your device too. They can be set up in minutes. 

5. Standalone cover.  For students we offer up to 15% student discount* on our Gadget Insurance. The policy covers you for theft, accidental damage and loss worldwide**. It can be good if you don’t want to pay for unrequired insurances bundled into your bank account offering. As with any insurance policy always read the terms and conditions to make sure it’s right for you. Also, not to toot our own horn, but we’re an award-winning insurance provider (toot toot!). 

6. Beware home cover. While you may be able to piggyback on your parents’ home contents insurance policy as some offer a certain amount of protection for family members away from home, always check the policy details to make sure you have the cover you require. There may be single item value limits that may not cover high end mobiles or laptops. If you make a claim, the excess may be higher than a standalone policy, and it could affect your parents’ no claims bonus, which could bump up their future premiums. Not so great.

7. Keep it locked. Student households are typically gadget-rich and occasionally lax on security, so are a prime target for burglars. Keep your doors and windows locked when you’re not in your room and hide valuable items out of sight – including car keys. Never leave a note on your door announcing that you’re away. And don’t put your name or room number on your key ring. 
If you live in a shared house, encourage everyone else to lock up properly too. Also, tell Dave to buck his ideas up - that bowl of beans has been there for a week and there’s no way you’re cleaning that up. 

8. Take precautions. Invest in a Kensington lock, designed specifically for laptops. And don’t forget to back up your work and digital downloads regularly. It might also be worth buying a cheap safe to store valuables in your room.
9. Use your warranty. Most manufacturers will give you at least a year’s warranty for free. Keep the receipt safe and if there’s any sort of problem, return it before the warranty is up.
10. Don’t take risks. If you’re planning a big night out, leave your tech at home. There’s less chance of having them nicked after you’ve had a couple of drinks.

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* The gadgets insurance student promo code is only valid for up to 2 insured items
**Policy terms, conditions and excesses apply.

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