iPhone XI: Release date and feature rumours

by Rob Duke | May 04, 2018
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Every autumn, we all wait with bated breath for new iPhone announcements. Apple usually keep their cards close to their chest before that, so we’ve had a good dig around and picked out the tastiest info-morsels to tide you over. Enjoy!

When will the new iPhone be announced?

Nailed-on for mid-September. ‘Trusted Reviews’ did a bit of number crunching around previous reveals, and their prediction is September 11th/12th 2018.

When will it be released?

Slightly harder to gauge. Last year, Apple bucked a recent trend of September releases with a November launch for the iPhone X. But after a disappointing year for the entire smartphone industry, Apple may revert to what's worked well for them in the past.

If that's the case, Trusted Reviews’ prediction for a September 21st 2018 launch sounds about right.

It’s all up in the air though - so if you do scribble it into your diary, for the love of Pete, use a pencil.

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How much will it cost?

The iPhone X was in arm-and-leg territory with that eye-watering £999 price-tag. Word has it that Apple is considering a much lower entry-point for this year’s iteration. Fingers crossed.

What will they call it?

There’s speculation that Apple could name their next premium handset the ‘iPhone 12’, and set aside ‘iPhone 11’ for a lower-cost device.

There’s also the possibility of a numberless release: they’d just call it ‘the new iPhone’. Sounds cool, but I’m probably not the best person to judge (full disclosure: I listened to 30 seconds of a song by ‘Lil’ Pump’ last week and it plunged me into a full-blown existential crisis).

There’s no official word from Apple on the name yet, but here are our best guesses:

- iPhone 11
- iPhone XI
- iPhone 12
- iPhone XII
- iPhone X2
- iPhone (2018)
- iPhone XS
- X2: Judgement Day
- iPhone X2: Age of Ultron
- iPhone X: The iPhone Strikes Back
- iPhone X2: Back in the Habit

What will it look like?

At this stage, we know very little about the design of the iPhone 11. Odds are, it’ll be a thing of beauty though.

The much-maligned ‘notch’ on the iPhone X could be scrapped - music to the ears of bezel-devotees everywhere. Alternatively, Apple may choose to stick with last year’s design and focus on making technical improvements.

Another rumour suggests it’ll have a gold exterior, with rounded contours designed to hold six precious infinity stones. Sounds neat!

What new features will it have?

Apple has a history of ushering in new eras of connectivity, so there’s vague hope the iPhone 11 will come with 5G support. However, since 5G enabled networks won’t be available until 2020, they’ll probably hold that back for next year.

The iPhone 11 could also be reinforced with a stronger frame to make the handset more robust. Good news all-round.

In terms of the camera, Samsung provided stiff competition this year, then Huawei mic-dropped the world’s first triple-camera with the P20 Pro. Fiesty. Apple may follow suit with a three, or even a FOUR-camera array to put the whole darn industry on notice.


More information about the iPhone XI will emerge in the coming weeks and months. Bookmark this page and check back to get the latest updates.

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