Top tips to avoid being pickpocketed

by Rob Duke | Dec 20, 2018
Man sitting on a barrier with a mobile phone in a hoodie

After a recent investigation, we revealed that London is the ‘pickpocketing capital of Britain’, with five times the number of incidents in the region compared to the national average between 2013 and December last year. Yikes!

While people generally associate this form of theft with big towns and cities, our report shows that pickpocketing happens all over the UK, so it’s important to take precautions:

1. Stay alert and aware 

Pickpocketers gravitate towards busy high streets and shopping centres for a reason. It’s easy to become distracted when trying to negotiate a crowd, so make sure to stay aware of what’s going on around you at all times. 

2. Use a concealed pocket

There’s a (little known) saying: “the wallet in your front pocket is your own, but the wallet in your back pocket goes to someone else’s home”. Catchy, that. 

Even better than using a front pocket, an inside pocket in your bag or jacket will keep your valuables out of reach. Sure, it takes a little longer to put your stuff away, but it’s much safer.

3. Don’t walk around with your phone out 

We all do it, particularly when Google Maps decides to take us via the scenic route again (*sigh*). 

In recent years, there’s been a big increase in moped-gangs targeting people by roadsides – so it pays to be careful when using your phone in public. Only use it when you need to and stay aware of your surroundings. 

4. Get your phone and valuables insured

Even when you’re super-careful, you can still become a victim of theft. That’s why it makes sense to insure your valuables.

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5. Use a zip-up bag

It might not always be the most fashionable option (apologies in advance for jeopardising your swag) but a zip-up bag is a must when you’re out and about. It’s an extra physical barrier, so it could make the difference if a thief is hovering. 

6. Install a tracking app on your smartphone

Apps like ‘Find My iPhone’ and ‘Android Device Manager’ allow you to track your device and remotely erase your personal data if it falls into the wrong hands. It doesn’t take long to set up, so get one installed ASAP - it might help you recover your device in future.

7. Don’t flash the cash 

Most people rely on bank-cards these days, but if you do happen to have cash on the hip, make sure to keep it concealed - particularly if you’re in a busy, enclosed area. Once you’ve been spotted, pickpockets often take their time, waiting for the perfect opportunity.

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