How to avoid theft at festivals

by Rob Duke | May 20, 2019
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Festival season is fast approaching. Here are our tips to help you keep your valuables safe this summer. 

Use on-site security options

Some festivals have storage lock-ups which operate like cloakrooms where you can drop off and collect items 24/7. Others will only have small self-service lockers (perfect for phones, keys and whatnot).

Check which storage options are available in advance and think carefully about what you really *need* to take with you. You don’t want to be faffing about trying to find somewhere to hide a 6-foot swingball set when your favourite band’s on.

Don’t leave valuables in your tent or your car

Lots of people leave their valuables unattended at festivals and end up regretting it. Even if you do lock your things in a secure car or tent, criminals can still find a way in. If you don’t want to use on-site security options, make sure to conceal things properly.

Keep your valuables tucked away

You’d be amazed at how many phones get nicked out of people’s back pockets at festivals.

When you aren’t using your things, make sure to tuck them away in a zip pocket or bag, or - even better - strap a ‘body wallet’ on under your jacket and keep them in there for extra safety (disclaimer: wearage may result in bum-bag related banter). 

Stay alert and aware

When you’re surrounded by people and you’re looking down are your phone, you’re an easy target.

Unless you’re a Columbo-tier detective, play it safe. Only keep your mobile out for as long as you need to and keep checking your surroundings. If you notice anyone lingering or looking shifty, put it away or remove yourself from the situation. Better safe than sorry!

Get insured before you go

Even if you do all the right things, sometimes theft is unavoidable. For peace-of-mind, insure your valuables before you set off so you can focus on having a ruddy good time.

Get award-winning smartphone cover with Protect Your Bubble in under 3 minutes online right here* (Right now. Right here. Right now. Right here. Right now. *Raves*).


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