How 5G will change the world

by Rob Duke | May 30, 2019
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EE are set to launch the UK’s first 5G service this week. Here are just a few reasons we’re buzzing about the new era of connectivity:

Increased network speeds

According to EE, some customers will enjoy download speeds of over 1-gigabyte per-second. That’s around 20 times faster than 4G and better than most Wi-Fi connections. Pretty darn impressive!

Also, 5G will be far less prone to network congestion, so you’re more likely to avoid glitches and drops in service. Absolute result.


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Faster media streaming and gaming

The way we consume digital media is about to change. Soon you’ll be able to instantaneously stream the latest blockbusters and AAA video-games on-the-go. 

With 4G it takes around 7 minutes to download a high-definition movie. With 5G it’ll only take around 6 seconds. Imagine what you’ll be able to do with all that time you’ll save!

So many activities

Connected homes and humanoid helpers

5G won’t just impact the way we entertain ourselves. It’ll change our lives in practical ways too.

Recently, there’s been an increase in interest in smart-home devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, and faster networks will only lead to further advancements in this kinda tech.  

From light fittings which detect when bulbs are about to fizzle out (and can stick replacements on your shopping list) to humanoid robot babysitters – the next generation of integrated devices are nearly here.

*Excitement intensifies*

Automated vehicles

Imagine if you could jump in your car, set a destination and then kick back with a novel (slash, episode of Four in a Bed). 

5G will eventually make this dream a reality. Increased bandwidth will enable vehicles to share speed and positioning data in real-time, which will help prevent accidents and manage traffic-flow.

At Mobile World Congress this year we saw the latest BMW driverless concept car and a pilotless flying drone taxi – both of which are now being tested in live environments. (NB: Still no sign of ruddy hoverboards though. Starting to think Ant-Man was right about those films).

What’s the catch? 

One thing that isn’t clear is how much it’ll cost to use 5G networks. Providers suggest price increases will be similar to the jump from 3G to 4G, but that doesn’t address concerns about the rise in the volume of data people will consume with faster connections. 

However, we know cutting-edge technology comes at a cost, so we're still super-excited about the prospect of living with robots who can take out the bins and whip up a souffle. Viva la revolution.


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