Samsung Galaxy S11: Release date and feature rumours

by Rob Duke | Jan 14, 2020
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Will Samsung’s new flagship handset live up to expectations? We take a closer look…

When will the Samsung Galaxy S11 be released?

The Galaxy S11 will be unveiled at the annual Samsung Unpacked Event on Tuesday the 11th February. Judging by previous years, they’ll be in stores a couple of weeks after that (potentially around the 26th February).

To get the latest updates, bookmark this blog and keep an eye on the #SamsungEvent hashtag.

How many versions will there be?

There’ll likely be three versions of the Galaxy S11; a cheaper one with slightly stripped back features, and two premium models.

Here are our predictions on the names, prices and display sizes: 

- Samsung Galaxy S11 (£799), 5.9 inches
- Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus (£999), 6.2 inches
- Samsung Galaxy S11 Ultra (£1,100), 6.5 inches

We reckon the basic Galaxy S11 will cost the same at launch as last year’s S10e, but the Galaxy S11 Plus and Ultra models could be £100 dearer than their predecessors if they include 5G connectivity (more on that below).

In terms of sizes, they’ll probably be the same or slightly bigger than last year’s equivalents, though word has it the Galaxy S11 Ultra could be even bigger than the epic 6.7-inch Galaxy S10 5G. That’s firmly into tablet territory.


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What features will they have?

Beyond the improvements in processing power and display quality, Samsung could include 5G-as-standard in the two premium Galaxy S handsets. That’d be a bonus for people concerned with futureproofing, as it won’t be long until the superfast networks are widely available.

We’ll also probably see a significant improvement in battery life thanks to a more efficient chipset. Apple upped their charging game across the whole range of iPhones in 2019, and Samsung won’t want to lose ground in an area they’ve been stronger in for years. 

In terms of aesthetics, the Galaxy S11 will probably look pretty similar to the S10. However, the front-facing cameras are likely to be a little smaller and less noticeable than on previous versions, and there’s a good chance they’ll be centred at the top of the handsets (similar to the Galaxy Note 10). Despite a late swell of speculation regarding ‘hidden-behind-display’ cameras, we reckon Samsung are a little way off mastering that technology. Maybe in 2021. 

If some early design leaks are to be believed, the 4 rear-cameras may be housed in a prominent raised area on the back – again, similar to the latest iPhones. We might also see 8K video, ultra-wide shot processing and an incredible 108-megapixel camera on the Ultra version. Heavy duty! Will it be able to compete with the immense Huawei P30 Pro, Google Pixel 4 or the iPhone 11 Pro when it comes to photo quality? We’ll find out very soon.   

The S10 was only available in muted colours, but leaks suggest Samsung could mix things up a bit this year with green and pink versions. And why not indeed? Colour* is the spice of life.

Finally, Samsung might do away with physical buttons on their new devices, replacing them with on-screen icons and contextual touch-zones on the sides. Fancy! 

Worth an upgrade?

Samsung are indisputably one of the standard bearers in the mobile industry. Currently, you’ll find the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus sitting at (or near) the top of most ‘best smartphone’ lists, and that’s been the case with each flagship Samsung for half a decade. It’d be a real shock if they didn’t maintain their impressive track record in 2020.  

However, competition has intensified in the last 12 months, so they’re gonna need to really push the boundaries to stand out this year. Suddenly it’s looking crowded at the top. 

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