Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Everything you need to know

by Rob Duke | Mar 09, 2020
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Does the innovative new Samsung foldable live up to the hype? Find out below…

What is the Galaxy Z Flip?

It’s a *beautiful* clamshell smartphone with a flexible glass screen that folds vertically (similar to the recent remake of the iconic Motorola Razr).

When was it released?

Compared to the big Galaxy S20 reveal last month, the release of the Galaxy Z Flip went under the radar. It was quietly announced on February 11th 2020, and in stores just over a week later on February 19th.


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What can it do that a normal phone can’t?

Loads of stuff! Thanks to the new ‘One’ User Interface, multitasking between apps feels seamless. For example, if you’re playing a video and you receive a message, you can lay it on a table, flip the top half upright and continue watching while you reply using the bottom half.

It’s way easier to take photographs on-the-go because it fits in your palm and has a quick-access mini viewfinder. You can also use the folding mechanism to set it down and use it like a tripod. Handy!

For day-to-day use, it feels way more compact than your average handset and fits neatly into smaller pockets and bags, so it’s great for people who like to travel light.

How much does it cost?

A pretty penny. There’s one version of the Galaxy Z Flip available (4G with 256GB storage) and it’ll cost you £1,300 to buy outright. That makes it one of the most expensive phones on the market right now. 

What other features does it have?

The Galaxy Z Flip isn’t just an experimental novelty. It’s a powerful, feature-laden handset. Sure, it doesn’t have the bleeding-edge chipset used in the Galaxy S20, but its Snapdragon 855 processor is still one of the fastest around.

The triple camera array is also formidable, with one 10MP front-facing Camera and two 12MP wide-angle lenses – plus, editing photos on-the-fly is a cinch thanks to the split-screen dynamic within the app (the top half is reserved for the viewfinder and the bottom for the settings). 

Unfortunately, it’s not 5G ready, but we expect this was a necessary compromise to enable them to fit all the fancy folding tech in.

Also, after the *ahem* somewhat problematic release of the Galaxy Fold last year, Samsung needed to nail the folding mechanics with this one. They’ve attempted to increase joint durability with a revised design and the addition of tiny fibres which clear away debris, so let’s hope that does the trick. 

The handset folds out to 6.7 inches, which means you’ve got a lot of screen real estate to play with. Plus the image quality is exceptional, with AMOLED technology delivering incredibly crisp colours in high definition.

The crease in the middle of the screen is noticeable at times, but it’s not as pronounced as you might expect. Still, people who are into clean, crisp aesthetics might find it a bit jarring.

Is it worth an upgrade?

The Galaxy Z Flip gives a glimpse into the future of mobile tech. It’s a genuine head-turner, as well as being a strong performer - but thanks to the intimidating price-tag (and the limited release***), it feels like another tentative toe in the foldable water for Samsung. 

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*** As of 06/03/2020, the Z Flip is sold out in the vast majority of physical stores across the country.

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