iPhone 12: Release date and feature rumours

by Rob Duke | Jun 29, 2020
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Updated: 17/08/2020

The release of Apple’s new phones has been delayed, but the good news is, we’re still likely to see them in stores this year. Read on to find out more.

When will the iPhone 12 be released?

With Apple, we usually don't hear about any delays in phone releases until the last minute. However, due to the impact of the global pandemic, Apple CFO Luca Maestri recently admitted that, compared to last year, they 'expected supply to be available a few weeks later'.

The iPhone 11 shipped on the 20th September 2019; the second to last Friday of that month. If we map that onto 2020, that means the iPhone 12 will most likely ship on the 9th of October.

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How many versions of the iPhone 12 will there be?

In keeping with recent years, we reckon there’ll be three versions of the new iPhone; a standard lower-cost iPhone 12, a beefed-up Pro model, and a top-of-the-range Pro Max handset. 

There’s some debate as to whether all three devices will come with 5G. We think Apple will try to keep the price down for the standard iPhone 12, so that'll be 4G only, but both of the premium models will be able to utilise the super-fast network (where available).

How much will they cost?

If we’re right about the standard version being 4G only, we think it’ll cost the same as the basic iPhone 11 at launch (around £750). If 5G is included with the two upper-tier phones, the price of the Pro and the Pro Max could jump up by around £100 to £1,149 and £1,249 respectively. *Gulp*. 

What will they look like?

We reckon this could be the year that Apple switches things up. A notchless display has been on the cards for years, and, if they do introduce this feature, there’ll likely be a raft of other design changes along with it.

For example, we could see the long-rumoured return of a metallic edge around the device (think of the iPhone 4) and lower-profile cameras on the rear of the handsets (instead of the prominent raised area that makes the phones wobble when used without a case). 

In terms of the colours available, Apple will probably offer a subdued palette of white, black, green, and navy blue for the premium handsets (and they’ll probably throw in a couple of brighter colours for the standard version). 

What features will the iPhone 12 have?

One thing you can bet your house on is that the iPhone 12 will be even faster than last year’s iteration, thanks to the new A14 processor. 

Apple could also build on the progress they’ve made with battery-life in recent years and deliver the longest-lasting handsets they’ve ever released. Judging by their recent patent applications we might see an even bigger jump in staying power this year thanks to the introduction of a larger redesigned battery.

Last year, we were a little disappointed to find that the standard iPhone 11 came with an LCD screen which was noticeably lower-res than the OLED screens on the pro models. This year, we’ve got our fingers and toes crossed for OLED displays across the whole range. 

There’s an outside chance that we’ll see the LiDAR sensors seen on the iPad Pro on the new iPhone too. This feature helps the camera judge distances to ensure key objects are emphasised in your snaps. It also opens up a new world of possibilities when it comes to AR on-the-go, as the technology helps the camera array scan surfaces more accurately.

One seemingly small but actually quite significant change we could see is an upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 (the latest super-fast standard in wireless connectivity). It’s early days since the majority of modems and routers aren’t Wi-Fi 6 enabled, but for those with the right tech, this could really speed up your internet on your iPhone when you're at home.

This could also be the most robust Apple handset in recent years, with the metallic frame paired with stronger protective glass to try and prevent unexpected breakages.

Will it be worth an upgrade?

While Apple has always pushed the boundaries of performance with each new iPhone, it could be argued that the tweaks they’ve made in the last couple of years have been incremental rather than groundbreaking. The introduction of 5G and a completely overhauled design could make this an Apple handset worth shelling out for. 

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