Business Travel Insurance

Add-on cover for your business travel needs

For an additional premium, upgrade your Travel Insurance policy to cover your business equipment, money, courier fees & more

  • Choose from 3 cover levels
  • Business equipment
  • Business money
  • Emergency courier fees

Not available for Economy level policies.
Exclusions, limitations & excesses apply.

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What's covered?*

Excesses, exclusions & limitations apply – scroll down for more details

Computers & equipment

 Up to £1,500

Replacement items

 Up to £500

Hire equipment

 Up to £1,000


 Up to £1,000

Courier expenses

 Up to £100

 *All coverage maximums listed apply to the Premier PLUS cover level.

Before you buy

Key cover

Details about our Business Travel Insurance

Business equipment

We understand that if your business equipment is lost, damaged or stolen, the consequences could be serious. That's why you're covered up to £1,500 for it, along with up to £500 to buy new essential equipment, if needed.


Maximums for computer equipment are £1,000 for Standard and Premier cover levels and £1,500 for Premier Plus. Essential item cover only applies for delay or loss in transit of more than 24 hours. Single item limits apply. See the terms and conditions for exclusions and details.

Business equipment hire

If you're left waiting for your computer or other essential equipment for more than 12 hours due to delay, damage, loss or theft in transit, you're covered up to £1,000 for hiring immediate replacements to soften the blow.


Daily coverage is £30 for Standard, £50 for Premier and £100 for Premier Plus. Maximum coverage limits per trip are £300 for Standard, £500 for Premier and £1,000 for Premier Plus. See the terms and conditions for exclusions and details.

Business money

You count on your business money to take care of expenses while you travel – getting stuck without it isn't ideal. Good news, though: we've got you covered for up to £1,000 for its loss or theft.


Maximums are £500 for Standard cover and £1,000 for Premier or Premier Plus cover. See the terms and conditions for exclusions and details.

Emergency courier fees

Replacing your equipment is a hassle in itself, but what about getting it in a timely manner (especially if your trip is a short one to begin with)? If your equipment is lost, stolen or damaged, we'll give you up to £100 for courier expenses to replace it – fast.


£100 maximum coverage applies to all cover levels. You must keep receipts for all courier expenses.


What you'll have to pay for an approved claim. Swipe the table left and right to see all excesses.

Cover levelEconomyStandardPremierPremier PLUS
All claims*£150£100£85Nil

*Some elements of cover carry a zero excess at all levels – click the link below for full details. Our Excess Waiver add-on can be purchased for an additional premium and reduces all excesses to zero.

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Premier PLUS

Frequently asked questions

What is an "excess fee"?
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Unless you have purchased ‘Premier PLUS’ cover, most sections of the policy carry an "excess fee". This is the amount you will have to pay – separate from your premium – if you make a claim which is approved. The amount may vary depending on the level of cover you have chosen, and is applicable per person, per section.

How can I pay for my policy?
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We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro/Switch, Solo, Visa Electron, Delta and American Express credit and debit cards. We can also accept cheques, but only for policies over the value of £100. The policy will not be set up until the cheque has been cleared through our bank. Cheques should be sent to:

PYB Travel Insurance,
Griffin House,
135 High Street,
Crawley RH10 1DQ

If you have questions, please contact us on 0343 658 0253.


What are the main exclusions and conditions of this policy?
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You will not be eligible for coverage if:

  • You’re 66 years of age or older;
  • You live outside of the UK, or have spent more than six months abroad in the year prior to attempting to purchase a policy;
  • You’re planning on travelling against the advice of a medical practitioner.

There are also a number of limitations on cover and different policy exclusions depending upon which level of cover is taken out – please see the Travel Insurance Terms and Conditions for full details.

How is my policy delivered?
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Your policy certificate will be emailed directly to your email address shortly after being issued. Please note that some Internet providers filter our automated emails as spam, so be sure to check your spam/junk folder if the email has not been received.

Are there different policies for single and multiple trips?
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Single Trip policies allow for trips up to 365 days in duration(except for trips within the UK, where the maximum duration is 91 days). Annual Multi-trip policies allow you to travel multiple times within one year, with maximum duration of 21 days for each individual trip you take. Upon payment of an appropriate additional premium, you can extend this to 31, 45 or 62 days per trip, by calling 0343 658 0253.

Am I covered if my plans change?
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Yes – but if your travel arrangements change, then you must call us immediately on 0343 658 0253 to ensure that we are aware of the changes and can evaluate whether cover needs to be extended or any additional premium is required. You must be able to provide the correct period of insurance on your documentation in the event of a claim.

What if my bag is stolen with all my travel documents and money whilst I am travelling?
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You must report any theft or losses to the local police or relevant authority within 24 hours of the event and obtain a written report or confirmation. These reports are the only proof that the loss/theft actually occurred. Without them, we cannot make any payment to you. If you leave luggage and personal items unattended in a public place then we won’t be able to approve your claim. See the key exclusions and conditions within the policy Terms and Conditions for more details.

How to claim

  1. In the event of a medical emergency while you are travelling, please call our medical emergency team at Healix International on +44 (0)343 658 0205 – this number is available 24 hours a day.
  2. All non-emergency claims must be made once you have returned from your trip and notified within 28 days of your return on a policy claim form, accompanied by original invoices, receipts, reports, etc. It is advisable to keep copies of all forms you submit to us.
  3. To make a claim, first check your Certificate of Insurance and the appropriate Section of the policy to make sure that what you are claiming for is covered under your policy.
  4. Then call our dedicated claims team at Claims Settlement Agencies on 01702 553 443 or email


More about Business Travel Insurance

Extra cover for business travellers

If you're travelling for business reasons, time is of the essence – you need to get to your destination quickly so you can get to work. And when travel issues get in the way, it's not just you that suffers, but your work. 

Our Business Travel Insurance add-on makes our Travel Insurance even better for business travellers. Along with standard cover for delays, cancellations and baggage, your business equipment - like computers - and money will also be protected.

Equipment, fees & more

Find yourself at your destination, but your equipment is nowhere to be found? It's covered up to £1,500. Same goes for your business money; it's covered up to £1,000.

If you're left waiting for more than 24 hours, we'll give you up to £500 so you can buy new essential equipment and get back to work. And to make sure you get it as quickly as possible, we'll cover emergency courier fees up to £100.

Think Business Travel Insurance sounds like a smart choice? It only takes a minute to get a quote – why not start now?

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