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Tablet Insurance

Great value tablet insurance from £2.19 per month.*

Insurance from Protect Your Bubble covers your tablet against:

  • Accidental Damage (including Liquid Damage)
  • Theft
  • Breakdown
  • Loss – an optional extra
  • Covered worldwide (for up to 180 days a year)

*Based on cover not including loss for a tablet valued up to £150 – like the Blackberry Playbook 16GB.

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Accidental Damage  

Cover against those things that don’t like your tablet, like coffee table edges and the kitchen floor.

Accidental demageLiquid Damage 

Protect against those unexpected liquid encounters, from badly balanced soft drinks to unexpected garden sprinklers.

Loss and theftTheft

Tablets can be a thief’s dream – easy to spot, swipe and expensive.

Mechanical breakdown


We can repair your tablet if it breaks down after the manufacturer’s warranty ends.

Optional los

Optional Loss

A forgetful episode on the tube a can be a real headache.  Loss cover is an extra £1.50 per month.

Worldwide cover

Worldwide Cover

To protect against holiday sun, sea and sand, our policy extends abroad for up to 180 days a year.

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