Want Engagement Ring Insurance?

What's covered?

Exclusions and limitations apply – scroll down for more details

Repair or replacement

Lost or damaged, we'll take care of it.


Lost gemstones

We'll replace lost gems with
stones of equal value. 


Accidental damage

Accidents happen.
We'll do our best tp fix it.


Individual items up to £15,000

Coverage for items up to £30,000 total.



If your valuables get snatched, you're covered.



Before you buy


Key cover

Repair or replacement

If your insured item is damaged, our repair network will do their very best to repair it. If it's beyond repair, we'll send you a gift card for the value of the sum insured.


This is not a jewellery replacement or cash reimbursement policy. All reimbursements will be in the form of a jewellery gift card, redeemable at over 850 stores nationwide. There are no limits on the number of repairs during the period of insurance. If you are issued with a Jewellery Gift Card, any replacement item purchased will not be automatically insured.

Loss or theft

Theft or loss of your jewellery can be devastating. If your insured jewellery is lost or stolen, we'll send you a gift card for the value of the sum insured.


Loss or theft outside of your home excluded unless the item is being worn or carried by you about your person or deposited in a locked safe or locker with the keys removed; or where the disappearance of the item cannot be explained.

Accidental damage

Don't worry about accidental damages to your most precious items. Our repair network will do their very best to repair your insured jewellery or we'll provide a gift card for the value of the sum insured.


Excludes wear and tear, failure to follow operating instructions, cosmetic damage and damage resulting from cleaning, restoration or maintenance.

Jewellery coverage

Our jewellery cover includes rings, watches, pendants, bracelets, chains and earrings. 


Watches are not covered for mechanical breakdown; items forming part of a 'set' (e.g., earrings) will be covered for the value of the set. Wearable technology such as smart watches and fitness trackers are covered under gadget insurance, not jewellery insurance. 

Coverage up to £15,000

Protect Your Bubble covers your rings, watches, necklaces, bracelets, or other individual pieces of jewellery for up to £15,000 per item.


We do not insure individual items worth less than £100. The total value of items on your policy cannot exceed £30,000. Items will be replaced up to the value they were originally insured for as evidenced on the proof of ownership or for the amount they were subsequently valued for at renewal.

Multi-item discounts

More items = more discounts! You’ll get 10% off your policy price if you insure 2 items, and 15% off if you insure 3 or more.


The total value of items on your policy cannot exceed £30,000.

Frequently asked questions

What types of jewellery can I insure?
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You can insure rings, watches, necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets.  Please note that ‘Smart’ watches are not covered under this policy, but can be insured with our Gadget Insurance product.
Do I need a proof of ownership to insure my jewellery?
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Yes, you will need the original purchase receipt or gift receipt from the retailer that supplied your insured item(s) to you, showing:

  • Date of purchase
  • Purchase amount
  • Retailer's name
How do you replace lost or stolen items?
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This is not a cash or jewellery replacement policy. If your item is lost or stolen, you will be issued with a Jewellery Gift Card equivalent to the value of the sum insured. In this case, your cover will end for that particular item and no further premiums will be taken, however, any replacement item will not be automatically insured, so you will need to insure it with Protect Your Bubble again.
Do you repair damaged jewellery?
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If your item is damaged we will do our best to repair it for you using our approved network of professional repairers, Aurum Holdings, in which case it will be returned to you directly, or to your local store within the Aurum network, for you to collect, as per your choice.

If the item is not repairable, or if we judge that the item will cost more to repair than you have it insured for, you will be issued with a Jewellery Gift Card equivalent to the value of the sum insured – in which case, we will retain the item.

In these circumstances, if you do not want us to retain the item, (for example, if it has sentimental value), you can ask to have the item returned to you, unrepaired – however in such cases, your claim will be cancelled.

How to claim

in 5 easy steps

  1. If you intend to make a claim you must notify us as soon as reasonably possible after the occurrence of the damage, loss or theft.
  2. Check your Schedule of Insurance and the appropriate Section of the policy to make sure that what you are claiming for is covered under your policy.
  3. If you are making a claim for theft, you must report the theft to the police and obtain a crime reference number. If we are unable to verify the crime reference number we will request a police report. We will not proceed with a claim until we have this information.
  4. Please ensure you include your policy number and are able to provide proof of ownership. You can scan and email your proof of ownership to us, or simply post a copy - in which case we advise using registered post. Please do not send us your original documents, only copies.
  5. To make a claim: Call us on 03300 412 188 (lines open Monday to Friday, 9am - 5:30pm) Email us at PYBclaims@criterioncm.com; Write to us at Protect Your Bubble Jewellery Claims, River House, Broadford Business Park, Shalford, Guildford, Surrey GU4 8EP.


Learn more about Engagement Ring Insurance

A cover for your most precious keepsake 

An engagement ring is often one the most expensive and most prized pieces of jewellery you will own. Such a sentimental and expensive item deserves protection.

Protect Your Bubble offers affordable engagement ring insurance – with no excess!

Engagement Ring cover

Our engagement ring insurance includes protection against loss, theft and accidental damage. If your ring is damaged, or a gemstone* falls out, subject to your claim being approved, our professional repair network will make every effort to repair it, or provide a new stone of equal value. If it is unrepairable, lost or stolen, we’ll issue a jewellery gift card to the value of the item insured.

Our UK jewellery insurance cover extends across the world so you’re protected wherever you roam, although claims can only be settled in the UK.

Ready to get Engagement Ring Insurance?

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Engagement Ring Insurance starts at just £3.53** per month and covers items against theft, loss and accidental damage. In addition, we can cover your engagement ring and wedding ring together for a value up to £30,000.  Learn more now. Get a jewellery insurance quote today.

*For items worth over £5,000 you must have written confirmation that any gem settings have been maintained at least once every 3 years by a National Association of Goldsmiths registered jeweller.

**For items worth up to £1,400.

Other Coverage options available: