11 million smartphone users in the UK

by PYB James | Dec 24, 2010

According to figures published in a report by mobile phone recycling company Envirophone there are now approximately 11 million smartphone users in the UK, but many of us do not know how to use our handsets correctly or effectively.

The report shows that 71% of us only use our smartphones to make and receive call, send texts, check Facebook or participate in social gaming. That means that despite the hundreds of thousands of highly innovative apps available for our handsets there are still millions of us who are not getting the most out of the devices.

Handsets such as Research in Motion’s BlackBerry range, Apple’s iPhone and various Android enabled smartphones are amongst the top gadgets on millions of Christmas lists throughout the UK but many users don’t know how to use them to check their bank balance or book a flight.

With millions of mobile websites and specific apps now available perhaps the next job for big brands is to increase user volume through these platforms, given that the technology seems to be moving faster than the consumer if this report and anecdotal evidence is anything to go by.

Envirophone’s report, which was picked up on by the Daily Mail newspaper, found that - of 2,000 smartphone users surveyed - most typical users only use 10% of their phone’s functions.

Apps available for free download can truly expand on the versatility of the phones, adding Sat Nav, train and flight booking, digital radio and extensive additional functionality to the latest generation of handsets.

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