5 Apps every Girl Should Try:

by SiteAdmin1 | Aug 09, 2013

With so many apps available, not all of them are going to be invaluable to everyone and some in particular may be of more value to us girls, than to the men in our lives. If like me, you are a bit of an app snob then on the surface some of these available apps seem pretty silly. Ironically it’s sometimes these very ones that prove to be of the most value, or the most fun!  So girls, f you've ever had a hair style disaster, got a bit text happy after a drink or two or been stuck trying to find the nearest public toilet, then below is a list of 5 apps you need to download today.

Pink Phone

1.Hairstyle Magic Mirror Change your look Lite

Taking the plunge and changing our hairstyle is a rite of passage that every girl should experience at least once in her life. It can be fun and exhilarating but it can also be a total disaster and leave us instantly regretting our misplaced bravery. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could see into the future and see what we would look like post hair change so that we can make an informed decision? Well, with this app you can. Not only can you take a look for yourself at what your lovely face will look like with a range of hairstyles but you can take a picture to share with your friends (there is nothing like a good old ‘should I dye my hair purple?’ Facebook debate as a way of getting honest feedback). This app comes with loads of hairstyles and colours for you to choose from, and you can even mix colours yourself to experiment even more.

2.Toilet Finder

Giggle if you must, but what girl hasn’t ever been in the situation where you are wandering around in near desperation searching for the nearest Ladies room.  This application, ridiculous as it sounds, will guarentee we never face that discomfort again, by providing a list of all the toilets nearby so that you can locate them with ease. Not only that, but to help other girls in toilet crisis in future you can add additional ones and report missing ones. It usefully tells you how far away the nearest toilets are, gives you a map of directions and tells you if there is a cost to use them (a vital addition for anyone who has been stuck trying to fish out a 20p coin at Paddington station) so you can locate some change en-route. You can even rate the toilet should you wish to do so, but luckily this isn’t mandatory.

3. Textalyzer

I wouldn't want to imply that girls are more likely to get themselves in this situation than men are, but I do know that it has happened to almost every single friend of mine (and, yes, myself too). Picture the scene: you have had one too many glasses of Vino and suddenly it seems a fantastic idea to text one, if not all of the following people a) your ex boyfriend b) the cute guy from work who doesn't know you have a secret crush on him c) that person who has been really annoying you lately but you can never quite pluck up the courage to tell them...until now. Anyone who has fallen victim of drexting (drunk texting) will know that the next day consequences are not always pleasant. Fear not however, Textalyzer can come to the rescue. You can create a ‘Don’t Text’ list and this app will stop you being able to text anyone on that list unless you can successfully complete a series of puzzles and mind tests. The text will remain locked for 12 hours until you will finally be able to press send, should you so wish to do so.

4. Water your body

My girlfriends are always complaining that they never drink enough water. Drinking enough is vital for beautiful skin and nails, and as our bodies often mistake thirst for hunger, not drinking enough water can result in excessive eating and more trips to the gym. Drinking water may seem like the easiest thing to remember, and therefore an app to remind us to do something so simple may seem a bit ridiculous, but busy girls will know just how hard it is to remember to drink enough.  With this app you can keep track of the amount of water you consume and set reminders to yourself so that you are prompted to drink enough each day. The option to store logs and graphs means that you can track your progress over time and see the benefits on your skin, energy levels and even your fitness levels.

5. Christmas Shopping iList

It may be a little too early to think of Christmas shopping, but if you are anything like my Mother then you may have started picking up gifts in the sales already and will forget what on earth you bought who by the time December comes around. This app is the perfect addition to your Christmas shopping strategy, especially if you like to pick up thoughtful gifts throughout the year. You can keep track of the purchases you have already made for who and list the name of the gift, the recipient and even the date and shop it was purchased from (perfect if you change your mind and want to exchange something down the line). The best this about this app is that you can set yourself a budget, either overall or an individual budget for recipients to ensure that you keep your spending in check and maybe even leaving some money spare for some much deserved new shoes.

With all the great apps available to us girls, it’s a wonder what we even need a best friend for if we own a Smartphone? If you are anything like me then you would be lost without it, let alone your apps, so it’s always a good idea to protect it. Gadget Insurance from Protect your bubble can help to give you piece of mind.


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