Best iPhone Apps for Eating Out

by Corinne Webb | Sep 02, 2011

You may have found our site as you are interested in taking out iPhone insurance with Protect your bubble; however as well as protecting your gadgets, we also like to provide resource to help you get the best out of them. Here we’ve pulled together a list of iPhone apps for eating out.

Food and Drink Guide UK - Price: Free This app boasts more than 5,000 listed restaurants, with photographs and reviews of each one so you’ll be sure to find something to tickle your taste buds. You can search by your current location or by a specific destination you’re going to, and all contact details are provided within the app. User comments in the app store include: “I had no idea there was so much choice in my area!”

Best Sandwiches London - Price: £0.69 With more iPhone users in London than all the other cities in the UK combined, it’s natural that there are many apps aimed specifically at this market. This app will help you track down hard-to-find independent cafés and market stalls that have garnered a reputation for excellence in sarnies. The designers are food lovers and they’ve done their research, producing a top-quality app that won’t disappoint.

Curry Finder - Price: £1.49 Need a curry in a hurry? Then this is the app for you, with more than 2,300 curry houses listed around the UK. A single tap will bring up the nearest 20 to your current location, and you can follow you way on the maps provided within the app. You don’t even need to type anything, so you won’t have any problems if you’ve had a few shandies.

UK Restaurants from the Michelin Guide 2011 - Price: £6.99 The fairly hefty price tag probably won’t put you off if you’re looking for one of these restaurants – they’re the poshest in the UK and obviously they don’t come cheap. The app promises that there’s something for every taste and budget, and with user reviews and various search formats you won’t have any problems finding something that will impress your guests.

Tip and Split - Price: Free If you’re sick of squabbling at the end of a meal over how many glasses of wine everyone’s had and who didn’t order a starter, this app provides a simple solution. Enter the amount on the bill, then choose what percentage you want to add as a tip, and how many people are round the table. The app calculates how much each person owes and you can settle up with the minimum of fuss.

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