Dell Enters Smartphone and Tablet Market With The Dell Streak

by PYB James | Aug 01, 2010

With Apple releasing market leading solutions for both smart phone and tablet consumers, Dell has entered with a combined solution of its own

The Dell Streak is the latest offering from Dell which has, up until now, focused primarily on computing hardware products. The Streak is a combination of both a smart phone and tablet PC which offers the ideal solution for those who want all the functionality of an iPad and iPhone without having to pay the price. What’s Good About The Dell Streak?

The Interface

The Streak is powered by the Android 1.6 operating system. It's very logical and allows rapid movement between menus and applications thanks to the 1GHz processor.  This processing power makes it serious contender when compared against other smart phones released this year. The 5-inch screen is big enough to make using the tablet as an eReader or web browser completely viable and is more than what the iPhone can offer.


The camera is one of the standout features for the Dell Streak. It is a 5-megapixel with dual flash and packed with shoot settings that would out-do some of the digital cameras currently on the market. These features certainly make it one of the best cameras available within a smart phone device.

Multimedia At 5-inches and a resolution of 480 x 800 it offers a better experience than most of the tablets available in retail stores. Video looks clear and crisp and music tracks can be downloaded directly to the device via Wi-Fi and 3G using the Amazon MP3 app. What’s Not Good About The Dell Streak?


The sound projected through the speakers when playing multimedia has been noted to be light and tinny despite high volume settings. The speaker is featured on the back of the device which can be a problem when a user is gripping the device as the speakers are covered up, similar to when the Streak is laid down flat. Size

Because the Dell caters for both the smart phone and tablet market the size is deemed to be an issue. With a 5 inch screen is seen to be too big to be a smart phone yet too small to be a tablet. If Dell is to make the Streak a success then it will have to convince consumers to look past the traditional dimensions of smart phones and tablets. Should You Buy One?

If you are a diehard Apple fan or have been saving for an iPad then this won't change your mind. It is too small to convince iPad and tablet fans in general who have preconceptions about how big a tablet should be.

However the Dell Streak offers greater functionality than most devices, including the iPad. It is a smartphone, a brilliant camera that works very well as a tablet PC that is small enough to fit in your pocket that truly bridges the gap between the smartphone and tablet PCs. It also proves that you really don't need both to be connected.

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