Five Gadgets Made of Gold

by Matt Tempest | Aug 16, 2016

The most well-known golden gadget has got the be the golden gun that James Bond used in The man with the golden gun. However there are other gadgets out there that are made of or plated in gold. This blog will cover off some of the craziest/expensive golden items out there.

The Queen’s Golden Wii

Back in 2009 the Queen was gifted a Gold plated Wii and the game Big Family Games by THQ, the company thought the Queen wouldn’t want to slum it with the rest of us by playing on the normal white console. Danielle Robinson, Product manager at TRG commented " we thought that Her Majesty the Queen wouldn't want to play on any old console, so an extra-special gold one was commissioned." Undoubtedly a publicity stunt to raise awareness of the game it makes us smile to think that the Queen could be spending her evenings playing basketball against Phillip just moments after thrashing Harry at tennis. Although we’ll give you short odds that it’s never been taken out of its box & is in a cupboard somewhere. The cost of the Wii has never been revealed but our bet is it cost a pretty penny.

Queen golden Wii

24 carat Golden MacBook

If you had a spare $30,000 what would you do with it? I’d probably put a deposit down on a house or buy a new swanky car. However one wealthy business man in Azerbaijan recently spent his spare $30,000 on a 24 Carat, gold plated 13” MacBook Pro! The MacBook is complete with a diamond crusted Apple logo which makes it all worthwhile in our view! If you’re interested you can commission a US based company called Computer Choppers to do the same for you!

computer choppers



24 carat Gold & Black Diamond iPhone 5

The list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a golden iPhone. You can pick up a Gold & black diamond iPhone 5 for a cool £10,000,000. Yep you read that right! 10 million pounds!! The phone takes 9 weeks to rebuild in solid Gold. The design also features a ‘flawless black single deep cut diamond weighing 26 carats.’ And is finished off with 600 white diamonds which are inlaid into the chassis.  If you’re interested the phone is available from If this is slightly above your budget you can pick up an iPhone 6S in solid gold for £20,000...We’ll take three!


stuart hughes black diamond iphone

Golden BBQ

If Gold plated phones are too common & boring for you then what better way to make a statement than a gold plated BBQ? If you’ve been pondering this for a while then fear not as Beefeater have released a 24 gold carat BBQ based on their Signature Series 6 Burner SL400 model. The BBQ will set you back $164,000 but it does complete with a Wok burner, warming rack and roasting hood, bargain! Our only fear is that gold tends to be quite soft…and we’re not really sure how it will cope when you’re grilling away at over 200 degrees but surely they’ve thought this through?!


Golden Dre Beat Headphones

These scream Mario Balotelli all over them but despite having bright orange and florescent pink ones, as far as we can tell he doesn’t actually own a gold plated pair. Perhaps if he stumbled across this article he’ll invest in a pair. A pair of 24 carat gold plated headphones will only set you back £1,020 which make them comfortably the cheapest gadget on our list! These can be purchases from Crystal Rocked who claim to be the only company in the world who are producing these. The headphones are taken apart by specialist technicians, coated in gold and then put back together! Our only concern is we’re not sure whether this will void your warranty? Although if you have 1K to spend on headphones you probably aren’t too bothered.


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