‘Internet TV’ a step closer with Virgin TiVo development

by PYB James | Dec 31, 2010

Online TV in the UK has come a step closer thanks to a collaboration between Virgin Media and US DVR giant TiVo which has started rolling out to consumers.

The new Virgin TV platform powered by TiVo provides more in-depth on-demand programming, social recommendations and digital television apps. The TiVo service comprises an updated user interface combining linear television TV and catch-up, with the recommendation engine learning viewers preferences and predicting the kind of content they might want to view.

The recommendations made will relate to general content, specific actors and directors, and ratings which viewers can give programmes via their remote control. Recommended content will then be automatically recorded and saved for the viewer in a specific folder to be accessed at any time.

Customers who have access to the system will be able to search a video on-demand archive featuring around 4,600 hours of programmes and films, including standard and HD content, and 3D films.

Further to the ‘television’ functions of the system, users will be able to download and add apps along the way, whilst pre-loaded apps for the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and eBay will feature on the system. Web access will be delivered through the PVR's 10Mb cable broadband modem.

Individuals interested in acquiring the Virgin Media TiVo platform can do so for £199 (plus a £40 installation charge) for the TiVo set top box, in addition to the £26.50 monthly subscription for the XL package bundled with a domestic Virgin telephone line, or £32.50 monthly without.

The development will keep Sky TV on their toes and will give the new YouView internet television collaborators (The BBC, ITV, BT, Channel 4, Talk Talk, Arqiva & Five) plenty to think about ahead of the launch of their service in 2011.

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