Quadlock Bike Mounting system a Review

by SiteAdmin1 | Feb 25, 2016

The guys over at Quadlock sent us through a couple of their phone mounting systems so we could put them through the paces. For those unfamiliar with Quadlock, they are an Australian company who supply gadget mounting systems for cyclists, runners and drivers.

What’s in the box?

1 x quad lock Bike mount

1 x Quad Lock Case

1 x Waterproof phone cover

2 x Mounting O-rings

2 x Cable ties


£44.95 (free UK  shipping) from Quadlock’s officially website. http://www.quadlockcase.co.uk/

We set the iPhone 6S kit up and put it to the test every day for 2 ½ weeks. Here’s how we got on:


Quadlock Installation

Installation is tool-less and couldn’t be easier, taking under 5 minutes which instantly scores this cycling gadget brownie points.  Simply position the Quadlock mount on your stem and use the two included mounting O-rings to loop underneath and attach the mounting system. There is 2 additional cable ties included if you want to be doubly sure of securing the mount down. All that’s left to do then is pop your phone in the included case and you’re good to go.

Once the mount is on your bike, simply hold your phone at 45 degrees over the mount. Line the case up with the mount whilst holding down the quick release and twist back to 0 degrees where it will lock into place.

You can check out our handy vine on installation here:

Once in place there is no way your phone is moving. You can grab it, pull it or lift your bike up by your phone and nothing will break the connection. Certainty a very impressive start.

Quadlocks mounting system in action

The mounting system was fitted to my bike and used every day during my 10 mile round trip to work and back as well as a couple of off road rides at the weekend and during a few test rides.

Out on the road my phone was put through all the elements from glorious sunshine through to driving rain and mud splattering’s.  Unlike my clothes which took a beating on several occasions the Quadlock had the answers for everything I threw at it whether it be rain or uneven surfaces.

The positioning is excellent and makes using apps like Strava, MapMyRide & Maps very easy to use with the added bonus you can here communication from your phone. (location dependant) You can also see messages come through which can be helpful but at the same time also distracting.

Over rougher terrain & in the wet

The quad lock stayed mounted securely over all the terrain I crossed during the 2 ½ weeks I’ve been running it for. Whether it had been pot holes, tree roots or bumping down kerb’s at no point did I think the phone was at risk or the mount would fail.

After switching to my mountain bike for a weekend ride. I came off during a particularly technical section of a trail and the phone and the mounting system both came through completely unscathed despite my bike wrapping round a tree.

Here in the UK at this time of year it tends to rain every other day and the last couple of weeks have been no different. The iPhone kit comes with a waterproof casing that goes over your phone to keep the screen dry in the rain. I found that the touch screen was just about still operational but you have to be more forceful with your swipes. However in driving rain the water droplets certainly didn’t help. The good news is that my phone stayed dry and is still fully functional despite storm Imogen’s best efforts. Although, admittedly I haven’t vigorously tested the waterproof casing for more than 20 minutes.

The case

Waterproof casing

The case that comes in the Quadlock Bike mounting kit is slim and can be used for everyday use without being an inconvenience or feeling bulky in your pocket. It has the added bonus that it’s been designed to withstand impacts whilst out and about so it should aid the phone in standing up to day to day scuffs and bumps.


In summary we absolutely love this little Bike gadget. If you’re looking for a mounting system for your bike whether it be during the commute, out on the road or hitting up the trails at Fort William this is the system for you. We expect to see a lot of these popping up on Bike’s all over the UK in the coming months.

Want to get your hands on one?

On Friday 25th February we'll be launching a competition. We have 2 to give away to our followers! Simply head on over to @PYB_Bike on twitter and Retweet the pinned tweet. We’ll then pick two winners at random!

Good Luck!


PYB Marketing team & Cycling Enthusiast

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