The 3D camera revolution

by PYB James | Jan 01, 2011

The latest 3D cameras are quite amazing devices and they’re generating a lot of buzz, but when purchasing them, it may pay to keep in mind camera insurance.


The fact is that the very latest true 3D cameras are not exactly cheap.  Prices seem to commence at around £300 and you can start counting from there upwards to potentially any figure you wish, as some of seriously sophisticated camera models run into many hundreds.

So, what is causing all the hype and where is it likely to lead?

If you're much over about 45, the current 3D craze is probably the third or fourth iteration of this technology that you will have seen. It first arrived, in numbers, in the 1950s with the horror B-movie flicks, it surfaced again in the 1970s and yet again towards the end of the 20th century.

It is true that the current explosion of interest in 3D is significantly different from previous incarnations because:

  • firstly the image capture and reproduction technology is much improved;
  • secondly there are now affordable 3D cameras available to the general public;
  • the need for goggles has declined with some sophisticated technology making them unnecessary.

In previous decades it was something of a specialist and for the time, hi-tech market but now with manufacturers such as Fuji producing 3D cameras, they are more accessible. However, some current reviews indicate that 3D cameras are yielding mixed results and for some users of 3D image and video technology, the goggles remain a necessity.

Until true full holographic representation is developed, intuitively it seems as if the 3D camera revolution will continue to be confined to a market segment that is technically competent and looking for novelty of experience rather than the everyday and mass-market ‘street snapper’.

In other words, each generation seems to wish to rediscover and dally again with 3D - right up until the time they either forget their goggles or catch sight of themselves in the mirror while wearing them! However, there seems little doubt that the new easy-to-use and ‘relatively affordable’ 3D cameras will find buyers.  So, if you are taking part in the 3D camera revolution, looking to protect your device with camera insurance might not be a bad idea anyway!

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