Top 10 Holiday Destinations for Cyclists

by SiteAdmin1 | Jul 10, 2013

A cycling trip is certainly one of the most enjoyable vacations you can have. Keeping fit while riding through the countryside is certainly the best way to get close to nature. If you are planning a cycling trip, then you’ll need to be prepared with the proper bicycle insurance that can help you in case something should happen. Also, you’ll need your cycling supplies, helmet and appropriate clothing.

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Now that you are ready to go, here are the top 10 best holiday destinations on Earth for your cycling adventure:


This is one of Europe’s best kept secrets. Gozo is near the island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea and features stunning countryside with a combination of old world villages combined with the striking modern scene of the cities. You can spend each nigh in a different hotel as you bike around the many wonderful geographic features of Gozo. The cycling itself is about as easy as it gets since Malta features plenty of fairly flat and rolling countryside.

New England, United States

The extraordinary countryside of the New England states in the fall is very breathtaking indeed. You can start your journey along the banks of the Contoocook River and then follow a pre-designated route that will take you around the lakes the small, intimate towns for a wonderful four day trip. You can enjoy some of many great hotels that overlook Lake Champlain in Vermont, ride through the countryside in Maine or enjoy a trip down the Atlantic Coast. The choice is yours and the biking is superb. The rolling countryside and hills are for moderate to good cyclists.


For nature lovers, this may be the ultimate trip to the land of “Fire and Ice”. Iceland is a marvel of different geographic features from active volcanoes to glittering glaciers to desert landscapes that appear to be straight from the Lunar surface. Iceland is best visited in the summer when the weather is warm enough to enjoy all the scenery, though you will still want to bring your coat for the cooler destinations inside the island. The cycling is moderate, though there may be long stretches before you find shelter, so pack a tent and bring along plenty of water.

Isle of Man

If you are interested in challenging yourself as well as seeing some spectacular vistas, then the Isle of Man is the place to go. Many cycling professionals come to the Isle of Man to train during the year because of the steep climbs and challenges of the countryside, but the views are simply marvelous. You can ride along Niarbyl beach to witness the basking sharks or participate in the annual Isle of Man 75km Mountain Bike Challenge. With cycling trails all over the island, this is certainly one of the best destinations for cycling.


From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, the wonder of Vietnam makes this the perfect place to visit, especially in the cooler months as a refreshing getaway. What makes Vietnam even more special is that much of the cities and countryside are built for cycling despite the modern advances that have more of the population driving motorbikes and mopeds. It must be stated that summers in Vietnam can be quite warm, so be prepared. Plenty of water and clothing that keeps you cool is a must.


If you want to keep it to the English countryside, few places are as well suited for cycling as Cornwall. You can experience a four day trip to take you from the cliff top of Cape Cornwall, down along the ocean and visit the many interesting historic buildings and wonderful geographic features that make this part of the UK so special. You can cover the distance of 50 miles along the Cornwall coast and see an amazing number of sites. Despite a few climbs here and there, the trip itself is very easy if you keep to a moderate pace.

South Africa

The absolutely stunning countryside and ocean view of South Africa is still being discovered by cyclists each year. You can choose from cycling in several locations, one of the best is known as the Garden Route which is named for the marvelous green landscape. You can see the whale migrations off the coast near the town of Hermanus or peddle through the vineyards of Stellenbosch. The many choices of South Africa make this a perfect place to cycle and view the amazing countryside.


To cycle along the lochs while watching the otters and golden eagles is certainly a sight to behold, especially for those who have never been to Scotland before. You can ride through North and South Uist, Benbecula, Scalpay, Berneray and Harris before crossing over into Lewis. During this ride, you will see plenty of what makes Scotland so enjoyable for cyclists. You will need to be reasonably fit and ready to ride since there are hills and valleys to cross. However, riding along the Hebridean Trail is certainly one of the great cycling trips that you can make.

Sri Lanka

Exotic Sri Lanka offers many great cycling opportunities to travel through the cloud forest, cave temples and along the beautiful oceanside. You can take in the beautiful beaches or explore the trails of Knuckles Range. This does require fit cyclists as the length of the trails and sometimes challenging terrain can be difficult, but it is also well worth it to see the many wonders of Sri Lanka.


We finish our top 10 cycling destinations with perhaps the most obvious of the group. The wonders of Tuscany feature many wonderful cycling trails which take you through wine and pizza country. You can choose between going through the extraordinary countryside or make your way through the small villages and enjoy the many small restaurants and other attractions that this legendary part of the Italian countryside offer.

Remember to take enough time to plan your trip to any of these destinations as they offer amazing locations for you to enjoy your cycling adventure.

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