Top 10 iPhone Apps for business

by SiteAdmin1 | Feb 23, 2012

Top 10 iPhone Apps for business

Owning an iPhone has become a regular feature in among most people, especially businessmen. After all, it is useful, highly advanced and with plenty of entertainment features, making it an invaluable possession for most. The iPhone's have been able to boost the productivity and work performance, while placing many resources in a single device. This is why it has become the best tool for businessmen.  The various apps found in an iPhone have greatly enhanced the work experience of its owners.

As a businessman, you would have surely liked to have your important files with you wherever you are. With the help of Dropbox, you can do just that. Its program permits you to move your files to the folder, which can be accessed on the website while linking up to any computer on your iPhone. So, you can take your file everywhere and even share them, if you wish to.

Evernote is considered to be the best created apps, which is of great help to those who have memory problem. You can store all your concepts and reminders and harmonize them with the other devices.

Do you want to host a conference from home without stepping into your office? Well, you can host international or local meetings from anywhere with the FuzeMeeting apps, which will also provide a high resolution picture along with the rest. From the dashboard you will be able to control the conference.

Skype, the most well-known communication program is also available on iPhone. With the help of Skype, you can conduct video conferencing and keep in touch with your business contacts. This also helps in reducing your phone bills.

The Quick Sale apps in iPhone is very beneficial for businessmen, as it is good in tracking sales, payments and invoices. It has unlimited space for items which are inventory and non-inventory.

With the help of the apps Online Payroll, you can make checks away from your office. With these apps, you can gather payment information, pay by directly depositing or even make paper checks to be printed. You will also have information about your past and present employees from any place.

If your work involves the usage of Microsoft word all the time, then with the help of QuickOffice, a smaller version of Microsoft office will help you share and save from any place in the world.

The apps called Things, is basically a calendar, where you can set your lists, reminders and even make notes. Consisting of a simple interface, it is easy to use. The next on the list is Numbers, which is an incredible spreadsheet, where you can easily create charts, graphs and infographics. You can also enter numbers, dates, put in formulas, as it has 250 functions to help you in your work.

Streamtime is the apps in your iPhone where you can set deadlines, use the whiteboard for new ideas and even leave notes for yourself.

Since the normal phones today consists of camera, notepad, voice recorder and video recording, it is important to apply for an iPhone insurance. With phone insurance, your iPhone will be covered for theft, damage due to fall and liquid, along with any mechanical breakdown. You will find many reputed mobile phone insurance companies online, which is the fastest way to insure your phone.

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