Top 10 iPhone Apps for travel

by SiteAdmin1 | Feb 23, 2012

Almost every iPhone owners think of this device as the most important tool for helping them in their everyday life, especially at work. However, this small device has some incredible applications, which is a great help for business people. On the other hand, this device is of tremendous assistance when you are thinking of taking a break from office and going for a vacation. It is hard to believe that it can help you throughout your travel, from packing, taking your flight to hotel booking and exchanging currency. It is right to say that iPhone Apps will truly enhance your travel experience to a great deal. In fact, after returning from your trip, you will be able to gauge the untold usefulness of this tiny device.

The Packing App in the iPhone is a big help in making it a stress free affair. This particular apps allows you to make a packing list, check out the things as packing continues, as well as provides sample packing list to help you take the right items for the vacation.

Booking a flight to your favored destination can be quite frustrating, especially when you are on the lookout for affordable tickets. With the Hipmunk app contained in your iPhone, you can search your fights according to your affordability. It also filters flights based on the number of stops each flight has before reaching your destination.

With XE Currency in your iPhone, you will be able to exchange money whenever you need to. This useful tool will help you convert money from anywhere in the world and it will also help you understand how much cash to be expected from the exchange. Who misses the chance to take snaps during their travelling vacation?

With Pano, it is amazingly easy to take around 16 photos, by using iPhone’s camera. With Flight Tracker apps, you will not have to wait for long hours at the airport due to delayed flights. This tool will track your flights with incredible maps and get the information about your flight, gate assignments and any delays.

While it is recommended that you should always book your hotel room before travelling, sometimes, this may not happen. Well, not to worry, for HotelPal apps in your iPhone will use its GPS functionality and help you view all the hotels, along with the room rates, pictures of them, facilities and availability.

Though iPhone's have built in maps, it needs 3G connections to work properly. Lucky for you that the apps, oMaps permits you to download maps of your destination before your journey and you can browse through it without any 3G connection.

Finding the right kind of restaurant is very vital, especially if you are in a foreign country. Well, Foodspotting is the apps which will show you all the good restaurants based on the reviews of former clients.

Airbnb, the company which helps people find accommodation for vacations, also has an apps named after it. Through this tool, you can find any available houses and even book them after communicating with the owner of the property.

The last but not the least important among the apps, is the Google Translate. This tool translates 57 texts, can receive translation while speaking on the phone in 15 languages and also displays them.

With so many features contained in your iPhone apps, you will surely want to guard it with your life, especially during travel. However, you have to take precautions for any problem, like losing it in crowd, damaging it or some mechanical breakdown. This is when iPhone insurance comes in handy.  With mobile phone insurance, you can be protected from costly repair work. Most phone insurance companies offer comprehensive coverage for damaged and mechanical breakdown. A fast and simple way is to insure online, where you can get various offers like 30% off on multi gadget insurance.

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