Top 10 new features for the iPhone 5

by PYB James | Feb 01, 2011

Nothing scientific, we had a quick straw poll in the Protect your bubble office to try to find out what features the next generation iPhone (5?) will have – or should have…

10. It should be tougher. Most iPhone owners seem to be concerned about how easily the glass screen can break. Personally, I have seen several fully working iPhones with cracked or even broken screens, so there’s no doubt it happens. So at number 10 in our list, a bulletproof screen.

9. It should be lighter. Let’s face it, the iPhone is no lightweight. But with all the glass (see number 10), it’s no surprise. So the iPhone 5 should be made from bulletproof, extra-light glass.

8. It should work. Now, personally, I have had about 3 or 4 freezes on my iPhone in the time I have had it. Other people report more regular freezes, slowdowns and other misdemeanours. Therefore, software and hardware bugs should be ironed out completely.

7. It should have Flash. A lot of folks use their iPhones to surf the web, and there are many thousands of sites out there, which are totally Flash-based, making them inaccessible to all iPhone (and iPad) users. This argument is nothing new, and sadly, although one of the most requested features, is unlikely to be resolved soon.

6. It should be cheaper. The iPhone is among the most expensive phones to buy. There are deals out there, but the phone is still a bit pricey. This one’s unlikely, but the iPhone should be more affordable.

5. It should be faster. Some apps do make the iPhone slow down, especially when you have several running at the same time. So, a faster processor, maybe a dual or even quad core chip would be a very nice-to-have.

4. It should have a better camera. The iPhone 3 camera was seriously under-spec. The iPhone 4 camera is a tiny bit better. When many current phones have cameras of 8 megapixels or more, it’s time for Apple to follow suit, and incorporate a decent camera.

3. It should have better reception. Sometimes, the reception on the current model of iPhone is flaky at best. The GPS can also be pretty poor in built-up areas. So, cross-network, 5-bar reception is a must.

2. It should have better connectivity. The BlueTooth implementation on the iPhone is quite limited, which means you can only connect a hands-free kit, and sending the odd photo to someone else’s phone via BlueTooth is a non-starter. Wirelessly syncing with your PC is also impossible, and this, coupled with the lack of removable storage makes the iPhone connectivity too limited.

1. It should not run out of power. Many of today’s phones last days, or even weeks on standby. The trouble is, the fun and useful apps on your iPhone not only make it more than a phone, they drain the power because you actually use them. Let’s hope that the battery in the next version lasts a bit longer.

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