Top 5 possible names for the next iPhone

by PYB James | Feb 01, 2011

Rumour has it that the next generation iPhone will be radically different from the current iPhone 4, not just in terms of look and feel, but that the internal processor will have a major upgrade, keeping Apple ahead in the smartphone innovation arena.

While there are many features requested by users, from the obviously useful, like removable storage, to the more aesthetic (but questionable), interchangeable covers, here are our top 5 predictions for the name of the new iPhone: 5 – iPhone Dual

The next generation iPhone may be equipped with the new A5 dual core processor, making it much faster and more powerful than its predecessor. Apple may even bypass this stage completely, and go for a quad core, giving us the iPhone Quad. 4 – iPhone SHD

Super high definition video (1080p) will be an obvious next step, the current model records HD only up to 720p. Possible other improvements are a faster video frame rate, 60 frames per second or more, allowing super smooth slow motion: the iPhone SloMo. 3 – iPhone LTE

The latest evolution in superfast broadband is called LTE Advanced – short for Long Tem Evolution, giving speeds up to 5Gbit/s and beyond. The iPhone LTE would be capable of these immense speed enhancements, enabling the device to stream full HD video in real time. 2 – iPhone VUE

Maybe the next generation will have a built-in wireless HD projector. Simply point it to a wall, and watch your video content straight from Front Row or Windows Media Center 1. – iPhone Power

One of the most requested features of the new iPhone must be simply a better, longer battery life.

Apple, being Apple, will, very likely stick with the nomenclature they have used up until now, and launch the iPhone 5 in summer 2011.

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