Toshiba NB200 Netbook Reviewed

by SiteAdmin1 | Feb 23, 2012

The wonderful range of netbooks available in the market today has gone up dramatically in the recent years. These fabulous devices are very light and compact, making it easy for you to it along with you everywhere. These remarkable devices help to communicate even while you travel.

The latest in netbook is the Toshiba NB 200, which is considered to be an excellent netbook among the rest. It is also one of the best packaged netbook to be found in the market today. It consists of a blend of white, silver and pearl diagonal striped lines on the cover and with track pad and monitor bezel. The white lid is featured with a huge logo with much more subtle pearl bezel along with the normal webcam and microphone set at the top. The shining silver hinge, keyboard which is powder coated in silver, along with the matt silver in the body, provides a real classy look to this latest netbook of Toshiba’s.

The 10.1 inch glossy screen of this netbook consists of a resolution of 1024X600. You will find it a pleasant experience while using it, with its brightness. Its graphics drivers are also known to support virtual motion to 1600X1200, which permits you to pan the screen to your needs. 100MB Ethernet, three USB, as SD card reader, VGA out, head phone and microphone outputs is found in the port quota. Internally, you will find a 1GB Ram, Bluetooth, 160Gb hard drive, 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N280 and 802.11g to keep thing working beautifully.

Where software is concerned, Toshiba NB 200 consists of great Wi Fi scanning software. This provides an instant with signal strength, along with the available networks found around your area. There is also lots of Wild Tangent games software included in this netbook. It also consists of Norton Internal Security and various system tray placing utilities, which is known to start up with Windows XP. It ever works well, if you are just using one or two applications each time and need not wait for the background applications to end their tasks. The hard drive protection of this netbook is considered to be a unique feature, making it great to use while travelling. Also, you will not find any other netbook containing a Sleep-and Charge USB 2.0 port, which is also a good feature for travelers. This allows you to charge the netbook while it is in a sleep mode.

Buying a netbook or any other should actually be an investment, which should help you enjoy its usage for a long time. The best way to preserve and protect it is through netbook insurance. Laptops and netbooks are prone to damage and also the favorite target for robbers, since you will always be travelling with it. With a laptop insurance policy, you will be able to cover water or any other damages to your netbook. There are also international insurance policies for those who travel abroad with a netbook. You should always make it a point to check out the level of cover provided by each insurance company before applying for one. With Toshiba NB200 netbook insurance, you will be able to enjoy your netbook for a long period.

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