Samsung Galaxy S22: Release Date & Feature Rumours

by Rob Duke | Dec 22, 2021
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Will the new Samsung flagship blow the competition out of the water? We take a closer look...

When will the Samsung Galaxy S22 be released?

The Galaxy S22 is set for release in early 2022. However, we’re expecting a February launch, rather than a January reveal as we saw with the S21. This is partly down to Samsung delaying the launch of the Galaxy S21 FE until early January 2022 (because they’ll probably want to keep the announcements apart to ensure the mid-range S21 gets its moment in the sun).

The launch date for the S22 isn’t confirmed yet, with some predicting an announcement in late January, and then an early February release; but we reckon the smart money is on an 8th of February announcement, with the new handsets hitting the stores on Friday the 18th of February. Not too far away, then!

How many versions will there be?

There’ll almost certainly be three versions of the Galaxy S22 at launch (with an S22 FE model coming further down the line). Here are our predictions around the names, price tags, and handset sizes for the first crop:

- Samsung Galaxy S22 (from £769), 6.0 inches

- Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus (from £949), 6.7 inches

- Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (from £1,199), 6.9 inches

Compact phones still seem to be the in-thing, and according to various sources, we’ll probably see the average size of the handsets decrease again this time around.

Starting prices are likely to hold at the same level for the vanilla version of the Galaxy S22 and the Plus, but the Ultra could increase by around £50 to £1,199 due to its overhauled design. More on that in a moment.

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What new features will they have?

We’ve got used to Samsung making minor design changes to their handsets in recent years, but things could be a little different in 2022.

While the Galaxy S22 and Plus will probably look similar to the S21, there’s some speculation that the lack of a Galaxy Note release in 2021 indicates Samsung is merging their Note and Galaxy lines. This could lead to the Ultra having a Note-esque design and profile, which is certainly not a bad thing! Think curved edges, sharper corners, and a matte finish.

One thing that’s a little disappointing is the rumour circulating that the Ultra won’t be available with a 1TB storage option, which would put it behind the iPhone 13 Pro Max. On top of that, the S22 is unlikely to allow additional external storage, so for those who need that extra space, it could be a tad prohibitive.

On the bright side, one thing we can expect is a big jump in performance, particularly for people who are serious about mobile gaming. As always, the chipset you get will depend on the region you’re in, but the reported inclusion of the Snapdragon 8 or Exynos 2200 processors bodes well. Samsung recently confirmed they are planning to use AMD graphics processing units in upcoming handsets, which would dramatically improve 3D rendering. Exciting!

The camera arrays will be optimised, but not dramatically different from the S21. Expect a triple camera system on the vanilla and Plus models, and a quad-camera system with two zoom lenses on the Ultra. Some were a little disappointed with the photo output of the S21 compared to the S20, but the refinements to the S22 should help it reach the top of the pile again next year. 

When it comes to the front-facing camera, we were really hoping it would be hidden behind the display, but alas, we expect to see a small punch-hole lens visible on the screen.

As mentioned, the move to a Note-style design on the S22 Ultra all-but confirms that they’ll include S-Pen compatibility. This time around, it may even be available on the Plus, which would be a nice bonus feature.

Judging by a few recent patent applications, the battery on the Galaxy S22 could be set for a serious upgrade. A move to 25-watt wireless charging and 45-watt wired charging should speed the process up dramatically, with rumoured potential for a 70% charge in just 35 minutes. Rapid!

However, don’t expect to receive a wireless charger with the handset; that’ll likely require a separate purchase.  

Will it be worth an upgrade?

It’s hard to say at this stage. One thing that always happens is the price of the preceding model reduces as soon as the new version is announced, so for those looking for a Galaxy handset, you’ll likely be able to get a good deal on the S21, come February next year.

It’ll be a case of weighing up the pros and cons with the new phone when the S22’s actual specs are announced, but for the moment, it sounds like more of an iterative improvement than a revolution.

We’ll be updating this article as more information becomes available, so make sure to give it a bookmark and check back soon.

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