Essential festival packing checklist

by ROB DUKE | Jul 03, 2018
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The UK festival season is in full swing with huge events on the horizon, from Latitude and Wireless in July through to Reading and Leeds in late August. Below we’ve listed some items that can help you achieve MAXIMUM FUNTIMES.

Portable charger

Imagine the scene: you’re muddling along in the sunshine looking for your friends, when suddenly Stormzy walks by. 

You reach into your pocket and pull out your phone for a potentially life-redefining selfie, but.... 

battery low

Joy turns to despair as he clocks your gaze and slows his stride in anticipation, but you just stand there, gawking helplessly. WHY GOD? 

Now you’re upset. The king of grime's upset. Everyone’s upset.

You can avoid this kind of calamitous situation by picking up a portable charger in advance. For around £20, you can get a decent one that’ll bring your phone back to 100% three or four times per-charge. 


Yes, it’s been unreasonably warm for the last couple of weeks, but don’t be fooled: this is the UK.

Mother nature’s just lulling you into a false sense of security, waiting for the perfect moment to unleash a facepaint-compromising rainstorm on you and everyone you hold dear.

Swing this battle with the elements back in your favour with a trusty poncho!

They weigh next to nothing, they’re reusable and you can get them for a quid at all good pound-stores. In fact, why not buy two. Or three? Make it rain up in there.

make it rain

Plus, if you get lost and need to grow a crop of potatoes to prolong your survival - a poncho doubles up as a makeshift, wearable greenhouse. Which is always a plus. 

A decent backpack

A good backpack can make all the difference, especially if you’re going to be lugging around the contents of your drinks-cabinet for the entire weekend.

Definitely get one with good strapping and padding though, as it’s easy to forget how heavy your bag is after a few shandies. Back-pain is not the lasting memory you want from your music/mud extravaganza. 

Wet Wipes

I can’t overstate the importance of Wet Wipes. At a festival, they are the thin line between you and a sudden descent into hygienic purgatory. 

Whether you’re faced with a particularly vile portaloo, or you need to clean your mud-encrusted digits before your sixth burger of the weekend, you’ll be praying to the festival gods for towelette shaped redemption if you forget them. So be prepared.

The phone numbers of everyone you’re with

Make sure you’ve got all your mates’ numbers, as someone will inevitably get lost at some point and then everyone will have to spend 14 hours looking for them (usually Dave. Dave’s a liability).

Get everyone’s number early doors and then spam them with barely distinguishable photos of Drake’s blurred silhouette taken 300 metres from the stage. They’ll love that.

Underwear with hidden pockets

It’s important to protect yourself against pickpockets at festivals, and if you haven’t got somewhere safe to put your stuff, you’re always more vulnerable. Underwear with hidden pockets will allow you to tuck your preciouses away and enjoy the show.

Disclaimer: Bill at the halloumi kiosk doesn’t want to see you digging around in your undies. Always make a withdrawal from the pants-bank out of view of other humans. 

Gadget Insurance

The chance of losing or breaking your phone (or other gadgets) during a festival is quite high. Particularly with Dave around. But never fear, we can help with that!

Protect Your Bubble is an award-winning insurance provider, and you can get same-day cover for your devices in under two minutes online with us – right here

Inflatable livestock

Actually, maybe don’t bother with inflatables and big flags. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t bring anything you intend to wave at head height that you wouldn’t want to be accidentally slapped in the face with yourself. 

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